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10 Reasons to Use Mobile Messaging for Internal Communications

For a start, communication should be a priority in every context ‒ business or personal! With family and friends, good communication makes time spent together, necessary planning and life that much sweeter while in business, it plays a major role in winning customers, building team relationships and achieving goals. In the latter setting, workplaces can be a hotbed of miscommunication from unresolved customer enquiries and a backlogged email inbox through to sparsely-attended or unproductive meetings and individual frustrations compounded by silence.

What’s fascinating here is that good internal communications in professional settings have a pivotal role in the success of external stakeholder communications (think clients, customers, contractors and industry colleagues). Cassie Paton describes this in terms of how wide-reaching solid internal communications are when it comes to organizational culture, inclusivity and overall workflow. Writing for Enplug, the importance is emphasized with the hometruth that, “Increasing the amount of vertical communication between upper management and employees can have a powerful effect in creating a more collaborative and transparent atmosphere.”

Despite this knowledge, so many organisations struggle with prioritizing internal communications, creating processes, implementing protocols, and utilizing technology. There also tends to be assumptions of, “well, we already do this”, or, “there’s a section on the intranet for that”. Ultimately this bypasses the major roadblocks to effective internal communications: whether the systems chosen are actually used for specific and logical purposes everyone understands.

In the case for getting it right, technology and exceptional internal communications are inextricably linked in modern workplaces. Nevertheless they tend to go unused, misused, misunderstood, disliked or avoided. The fact of the matter is that communications tech is fantastic when used for convenient, online conversations that create buy-in and update teams whereas in-person methods are about fostering deeper, collaborative connections and having sensitive meetings. When appropriately and strategically utilized, communications tech, especially robust mobile messaging platforms, in conjunction with personalized frameworks like in-person meetings and video check-ins can elevate the ‘just ok’ communications to positive professional culture that actually drives revenue.

Cadoo developed this infographic, ‘Mobile Messaging & Internal Communications’, to help organizations review their processes and keep their teams engaged across every single channel. Check out the full resource below and start the four-step tactical solution of understanding individual and collective needs, designing a strategy, identifying which messaging system to use, and implementing a new communications solution!

10 Reasons to Use Mobile Messaging for Internal Communications


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