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10 Things that Make Microsoft Azure the Top-Notch Cloud Solution

The ever-growing technology revolution has led to the rise of millions of products and services. Cloud service is one such platform that is giving companies the freedom to manage their application anywhere and across the globe, thousands of companies are getting success by employing cloud business solutions.

What is Microsoft Azure – Cloud Solution?

Microsoft Azure is a known name among techies and why not it allows them to build, set up, and maintain their application without worrying about maintaining the infrastructure.

Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform and supports a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, databases, operating systems, devices, and packed with a lot of cutting-edge technologies. It’s computational services, storage services, data management, media, and development services make it a preferred cloud solution for enterprises.

Here are the top reasons that make Microsoft Azure the leading cloud solution.

1. Suits every business

Azure is perfect for every business regardless of its size. So, whether you own a big multinational company or a small store, Microsoft Azure will be the right cloud partner for you. Azure enables businesses to pay as per they use, therefore help businesses pursue their goals within their budget. Since companies can store data in the cloud, it also helps in saving the IT cost of hardware maintenance.

2. Ensure security

Microsoft is designed on the industry’s best security process called the security development life cycle ensuring data security. Azure also offers the best compliance coverage therefore preferred by high-risk sectors such as retail, healthcare, finance, and public sector. Moreover, it is multi-layer authentication and abilities to recover the data in disaster makes

3. Provides Global reach

Every company wants to showcase its products/services to the world. And Microsoft Azure can really benefit those companies because its infrastructure is distributed across 50 regions covering around 140 countries. So, it provides the smaller enterprises the same global outreach access as the big enterprises.

4. Analytics capabilities

Azure facilitates services such as Analysis, Data explorer, data share, SQL to evaluate the data and to uncover the key metrics for optimizing business processes. Azure is the only cloud platform that offers Artificial intelligence + Machine learning, blockchain, and internet of things features.

5. Easy to scale

No one knows the moment when a company finally hits the big thing. Preparing for such time requires costly hardware and a dedicated team. Plus, there is no way to curb down the resources when bad time hits hard. Microsoft Azure solves such problems by offering scalability. One can avail more resources with a simple click of a button and remove extra resources again with a simple click.

6. Reduce the burden

With Azure, you can focus on what matters the most for your business such as building applications. It removes the need of maintaining and managing hardware and other IT tasks. Everything will be automatically done so all that you will need to do is to run business.

7. Integrated Environment

Most of the organizations that use Microsoft suites such as office 365, outlook, share point wants to invest in a platform that can easily integrate with the Microsoft tools. Azure not only impeccably integrates with the Microsoft tools but also simplifies enterprise operation by utilizing the same virtual machines.

8. Easy to deploy and migrate

Any business can deploy Microsoft Azure anywhere. Moreover, Amazon’s automatic software updates ensure that the company is using the latest version of Azure in real-time. Thus, giving organizations the ability to deploy the latest technologies in their hardware and applications.

9. Simple to learn

Microsoft Azure employs tools such as ASP.NET, visual tools and utilizes programming languages such as C, C++ to develop their indigenous cloud applications. Thus, making it easy for enterprises to build cloud-based enterprise applications.

10. Interoperable

Nothing is better than having a cloud solution on-premises that enables different products and services to connect and communicate with each other. Azure supports different internet protocols and open standards. It offers software development kits for Java, Ruby, and PHP for facilitating applications that are developed using these languages.

Though other cloud platforms such as Amazon web services and Google cloud are providing similar capabilities, the speed with which Microsoft is launching new features makes it the top cloud business solution.

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