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10 Ways To Improve Your Personality In 21 days

How is Personality Developed?

Have you ever noticed in a room of mediocre when someone quite charming gets everyone’s attention easily? Maybe because of their aesthetic looks or opulence, what makes them different from everyone is their personality. Well, personality is what we develop from infancy. We observe our parents, friends, relatives, society, co-workers, managers, etc., we learn from everyone around us, and they influence our lives in multiple ways. 

Once people influence us, we adopt their habits and style; that’s how we create our personality. Well, that doesn’t mean you don’t have your individuality. Of course, you still are unique on your own, but your personality is a cusp of your individuality, your thoughts, ideas and plans of the people you spend time with. And, that’s why we are advised to choose our friends and life partners wisely because somehow we may be influenced by their actions and thoughts.

Well, that does not mean you cannot improve and grow yourself? You have free will to do that at any point in your life. Here are ten easy ways to transform yourself by improving your personality in 10 ways.

10 Ways To Develop Charismatic Personality

1. Discover Your Hobby

Hobbies are not limited to passing your time. But, it can help you to create your own unique identity in society or community. In addition, your hobby enhances your creative skills. For instance, if your hobby is writing or singing, you would love to spend time improving it. Gradually, the hobby can become one of the best skills that can yield your revenue and recognition.

2. Travel Alone

Travelling with friends and family is fun. It helps you to strengthen your bond with them. But, traveling alone is essential to discover your strengths and weaknesses. It even improves your ability to face challenges as travelling is never a smooth sailing journey. At the same time, travelling alone also helps you build rapport with other travelers and get new knowledge from them.

3. Write a Journal

Journaling helps you to express your thoughts clearly. For example, you may express gratitude, goals, and your actions in the journal. It will help your subconscious mind to direct your focus on growth. It even helps you to get rid of disturbing thoughts and live a life of thankfulness.

Try to write your journal twice a day, once in the morning upon waking up and once before bedtime. Your morning journal will help you set your goals, and the night journal will help you evaluate your actions of the day to search for better ways to perform your task.

4. Improve Your Relationships

Humans are social animals. We love to share our thoughts and feelings. But, due to projections and mental conditioning, it happens that our actions bother or harm others’ emotions. In this scenario, if you feel that the relationship is worth saving, you should try to improve them by forgiving them or asking for forgiveness. It will help you to build confidence within yourself and keep your loved ones close to you.

5. Talk To Strangers

A stranger is not always a danger! Strangers can be great listeners and teachers sometimes. Speaking to strangers can help you improve your communication skills and makes you an empathetic person. In addition, strangers can open a new door of knowledge to you. As per my belief, no meetings are random accidents, but it has some purpose to it. So, while talking to them, you may realize the purpose. Later, you may part your ways or talk together on a mission. Who knows.

6. Find A Guide/ Mentor

Finding a mentor does not mean you need to go and look for a business mentor or career counselor but someone who is your go-to person for your concerns. It would be best to discover someone with great knowledge and wisdom who has the power to influence you in a good way. One needs to be mindful while choosing your mentor to have good and pure intentions for you. Your mentor will help you groom yourself and develop a pleasing personality.

7. Work On Yourself

Do you appreciate the way you look at yourself in the mirror? If yes, that’s awesome! The majority of people would deny this question, so the answer to appreciating yourself is working on yourself. Well, that not only includes your looks or outer appearance but inner peace. The happier you are from inside, the more glowing you are from outside. Also, that does not mean you have to be lazy around and skip your exercise routine. On the contrary, exercise and yoga are a must for healthy physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. One who has yoga as a part of your lifestyle vibrates at high frequency, making them attractive in the crowd.

8. Help Others Without Expectations

Being selfish is sometimes good for your peace and growth, but helping others provides you with the best feeling in the world. It makes you realize the worth of your life. And, helping others without expectation breaks the attachment and bonds and builds universal love within you. Helping someone in need can help you get good karma points and also create new relationships and networks.

9. Improve Your Body Language

Proper presentation of knowledge and skills is crucial to gain someone’s attention. For instance, many people will dislike you because of your rough tongue, even if you are a kind-hearted person. Similarly, you may be unappreciated by your loved ones if you fail to express your love in actions to them. For example, if someone is speaking to you and you are busy using your phone, the person may feel dejected and may not be interested in talking to you any further. So, one needs to be sensible and mindful of their body language all the time.

10. Accept Yourself and Live Boldly

Our personality is indeed the result of our mistakes, actions, and achievements. So, to live boldly, you need to accept yourself as you are today and be thankful. Self-acceptance is the first step of leading or transforming your life the way you want. So, accept your flaws and fortunes and bring in the positive energies to fulfill your desires.


The ways mentioned above to improve one’s personality can be tricky to implement, such as talking to strangers or traveling alone, but they are just a means to rediscover yourself. Hope you get into a better version of yourself by implementing some or all the ways.

About the Author:

 Amruta Nadar is a Content Creator at Certitude News. She loves to connect with people through her writing.. She is Scorpio, and loves to research almost anything. She is a gregarious being, nature lover and a reiki healer. You may find her doing meditation, pampering her dog or traveling alone at her leisure.


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