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6 Tips To Build Commercial Photography Portfolio

Commercial photography refers to the art of taking images that will sell and promote products and services. The best thing about this photography niche is that you choose to be a freelance photographer, or you can work full-time in any company. A freelance commercial photographer takes several pictures and tries to sell them using both modes, i.e., online and offline. Assignment work is given by the business owner or client who wants certain types of images. However, in order to receive a significant amount of assignments from prospective clients or to sell your clicks, a solid commercial photography portfolio is needed.

Here we will highlight six tips that help you carve a professional commercial photography portfolio.

Understand Your Market Well

Before making the portfolio, it is indispensable to understand the buyer’s actual needs you want to target. However, in case you don’t prefer to choose any particular niche, you need to take a large number of different pictures that will reflect your flexibility as well as marketability. The more photographs you take, the better the chances of a buyer seeing something they like. Remember not to use the confidential images of your past client in the portfolio to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Do Adequate Research

Taking online advantage is not a bad idea when it comes to achieving something big. Yes, the internet can be a powerful tool in crafting a commercial photography portfolio. You can find thousands of portfolios of renowned and experienced commercial photographers on the internet. By seeing them, you can have an idea of what images are selling best presently. Also, you can use the internet to spread your portfolio to audiences all around the world. All you have to do is create your domain name and upload your portfolio. After that, link your correspondence with publications and buyers so they can view your clicks.

Advertise & Market Your Art

In the initial stage, you may not have assignments right the way. However, that should not stop you from demonstrating your photographic skills and abilities. Advertising your clicks online with google, Pinterest, Instagram is the best way to get the attention of potential clients and buyers. Also, you can post them on your portfolio to gain an advantage. It is important to note that your pictures must convey some meaningful message, and you should be clear about that. Also, create a theme as per the director’s taste or the targeted client.

Choose A Niche

Specializing and becoming the best photographer in a specific genre matters. There are a plethora of photography categories to choose from. For instance, food photography, attire photography, fashion photography etc. First, you are required to determine your passion and what publications you would like to shoot for. After deciding this, you can start crafting your portfolio to grab the attention of the prospective clients

Keep Everything Organized

Your portfolio should be tidy and well organized. Don’t put unedited pictures all over the place, eliminate any empty spaces, and delete the unprofessional-looking photos. You can use editing software like Adobe Lightroom to enhance the quality of your clicks.

If you are sending someone a digital portfolio, label all the folders carefully so that the viewer can easily navigate through them. This will reflect your professionalism and dedication.

Begin With Small & Stay Local

Like every other newbie commercial photographer, you will also face difficulty in beginning to get work with major publications. You need a little more experience, and the best way to gain that is to volunteer your photography services. Check out local newspapers, magazines, websites or communities that need photos. While you will not make money, gain invaluable experience as well as clients that will hire or recommend you in the future. Also, your portfolio becomes pretty effective with such photographs.

Wrapping Up-:

Undeniably, commercial photography is a challenging field to enter. However, if you have great photography skills and the right mindset, things will become quite easier. Build a powerful portfolio by starting with a detailed eye to client needs, improving your photography with every shoot and enabling you to reach out to businesses and fellow photographers.


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