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7 Chrome Extensions for Managing Multiple Login Sessions

Google Chrome extensions can make work easy and efficient. For almost every productivity issue there is a Chrome extension that solves the problem. Normally, Chrome extensions are easy to download and use. And they can make daily tasks like proofreading documents, using multiple sessions, and managing links a lot simpler.

One of the most prevalent issues, while you work, is managing multiple sessions. So, let’s assume that you are connected to Optimum business internet at the office. You have separate work and office social media accounts. So, you have to log out of the current session and log in with your separate profile every time. That sounds like a big fuss. So, to make things simpler,

Here is a list of Chrome extensions that can help.


SessionBox is probably the most popular Chrome extension of its kind. At the time of writing, it had more than 300,000 users and a 3.6 user rating. SessionBox makes it easy to open multiple login sessions within the same browser. Moreover, you can individually name your sessions to keep them separate. And sync your logins over all your devices for a smoother transition


MultiLogin also allows the user to log in to multiple accounts in the same browser window. So, you don’t have to download another browser, log out of sessions, or use Incognito mode. MultiLogin has over 50,000 users to date that have given it a five-star rating.

With MultiLogin, you can start a session normally as you would on Chrome. To start another session, click on the icon on the top right to open a new identity tab. You can log in again with a different ID in this tab. The plugin has some minor bug that prevents it from working with Google services. However, you can use it for others such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Multi-Session Box

Multi-session box is similar to SessionBox but it is a much simpler version of it. You can run multiple sessions in the same browser window with a much more user-friendly interface. So, if you are looking for a simplistic tool for multi-session logins only, then this can be the best option for you. The extension is free to download and doesn’t put a limit on the number of sessions. So, there might be nothing fancy about the extension but it does what it’s supposed to do.

Account Manager by PlugEx

If you are looking for a simple yet efficient Google Chrome extension for multi-session logins, you might have found your best bet. Account Manager is a light extension that won’t clog the metaphorical arteries of your browser. It has a quick response time and a super friendly user interface. Moreover, you can manage all your sessions from a list with customizable names. So, download Account Manager and you can seamlessly jump from one session to the other.

The app runs smoothly with a picture-in-picture style interface. When you click on the extension icon, a smaller dialog box opens up within your Chrome window. Here, you can see a complete list of all your current sessions. And you only have to click on one of them to open it and transition seamlessly.

Easy Account Switcher

The extension might be best for people who have to constantly switch between work and business accounts. It is already a hassle to keep your work and home life separate. So, doing the same with your social media or bank accounts doesn’t make life easier for anyone. For this purpose, the Easy Account Switcher can be one of your best options.

The extension can help you in switching between multiple Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Reddit accounts simultaneously. So, you can never make a misstep or post something from the wrong account. The extension can also work with Opera and Firefox.

Swap My Cookies

Multi-session management can bring up another problem for many people. If you are switching accounts for the same website, your browser can mix up your cookies. This is where Swap My Cookies comes in handy.

With this extension, you can easily switch and separate your cookies from different accounts. So, along with managing your multiple logins, it also manages cookies. As a result, it refines the overall experience of switching from one account to the other.

Cookie Profile Switcher

Along with profile sessions, this extension can also manage your cookie sessions. So, it can be a great option for people who want to use it for separating business and private accounts. For instance, you might start getting ads and suggestions for your business needs on your home account and vice versa. It can ruin your overall internet experience and privacy needs.

So, this extension keeps separate website profiles instead of just focusing on your accounts. You can always start a new profile and save relevant cookies.



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