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7 cool tech gadgets to survive work from home

Seemingly overnight, the world has paused and people are asked to stay at home as much as they can. Businesses are closed and employees who can are asked to work from home. But in a society where people are used to going out and spending time outside, it can be tough to spend all hours of the day at home. Which is why I’ve compiled the best gadgets you will need to survive to work from home.

1. Laptop

If you are one of the lucky ones asked to continue working at home, then you will need a good and dependable laptop. There are a lot of choices in the market. You could splurge on a top of the line brand or be practical and just get a cheaper option. The latter is a good choice for those who will only need the computer for a couple of weeks when they will be working from home. In either case, make sure you check out the specs to ensure that it’s capable of handling your daily workload.

2. Router

I don’t think we’ve ever thought of routers as a cool gadget to have. It’s always just been there – uninteresting and seemingly unimportant. But now that we’re forced to spend all hours of the day at home, people have come to realize just how important a good internet connection is to have, whether it is for work or to stave off boredom. As a general rule, place your router in the middle of the house for maximum coverage. And don’t tuck it away in a corner, put it front and center!

3. WiFi Extender

If your router is far enough that you’re not getting a decent signal from where you normally work, then you might want to get a WiFi extender. This is a device that repeats the WiFi signal for more coverage. This will ensure that your home won’t have any dead zones so you can continue streaming a show or listening to a podcast no matter where you are. But pay attention to your device; make sure that it’s connected to the extender instead of the router.

4. Headphones

Before, you didn’t have to worry too much about the noise level since you work at an office where silence is respected. But now that you work from home, you won’t have any control if your neighbor decides to do a Zumba class in their living room. This is where a good set of headphones becomes handy. Not only will it help you focus on tasks but should you need to do teleconferencing with your colleagues, it will be a breeze.

5. Spy Wireless Camera

A good spy wireless camera might not make sense as a necessary gadget to help you survive working from home but hear me out. If placed outside right by the door, you would never have to get up from the couch to see who’s outside thus minimizing your interaction with people from outside. Plus, it’s always great to have a reliable way to monitor your surroundings even if you don’t work from home.

6. Mini Projector

Now that cinemas and theaters are closed and concerts are canceled, your only means of entertainment will have to come from within your home. Watching movies and TV shows on a computer or phone screen might be convenient but it will get old pretty fast. You can step up your next movie night with a mini projector. All you need is a blank wall or a white cloth as a screen and have a totally cinema-like experience right in your living room couch or even in your own bedroom.

7. Bluetooth Speakers

Of course, you can’t have an immersive movie experience at home using headphones or standard speakers from your TV. You need good quality speakers to hear every note, whisper, and bang. And speakers from Dali are one of them. You can either go for a regular speaker that’ll connect to your computer, phone, or TV or you can go the extra mile and invest in a smart speaker. Just make sure you get one with good sound quality. Check that it has above average amplifiers, tweeter, and mid-woofer for the best movie and sound experience.

Even if you have to return to work in the office at some point, you will have the essentials to work from home should you ever need to.


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