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7 Reasons Why Data Backup is important

This world relies on data. Even your life is dependent on data. How?

Scientists develop new medicines with the help of years of data available through research. Yes, those too are data. OK, time to be serious. The backbone of the Internet is the chunks of data shared across computers. Thus, you can’t ignore the importance of data backup.

As per recent statistics, there are more than 4 billion Internet users in the world, and they all consume data. You read blogs, or you spend your day watching YouTube videos, both are a form of data. Now, just imagine, you wake up one day and see that there are no videos on YouTube. It’s showing a blank page. Horrifying?

It can happen with anyone whether you are a business or an individual. Stealing and data breaching are as common as the internet among people. Most of the time this theft is stopped with the help of Managed IT Security Services providers. Still in the end there is always some or the other loss.

Hence, here are the seven reasons why keeping data backup is important –

Reasons Why Keeping Data Backup Is Important

Keeping your files safe during device crashes

You can’t trust your machines. It will be running fine one moment and while you go, grab a coffee, the device stops responding. And it can be quite frustrating when you were giving your report the final touches. If you have the file backed up, you won’t have to start afresh then.

Data backup to keep the work unaffected from virus infection

As per a report by Ponemon Institute, 54% of companies in 2018 have experienced one or more successful virus attacks. And that’s why the importance of taking help from Managed IT Security Services as well as database backup increases even more.

Those who know the importance of backing up files keep multiple copies of their data, disconnected from the original source. So, even if an attack affects the working data, they can wipe it all and replace it with the master copy.

Recovery from corrupted data gets easier

Even though the device is safe, there are sometimes instances when a few important files go missing. Bad sectors (storage areas) within the hard drives are the common culprit. But it can be due to some system errors too.

And such incidents may hamper the entire work. Thus, the importance of backup and recovery is even more significant.

Data theft

According to a recent study by “Breach Level Index, more than 3,000 records are stolen each minute.” While stolen data won’t stop your daily proceedings, a cyber-attacker deleting them, certainly can.

That’s why you should backup data on a separate drive or server and should hire a professional of managed IT Security Services. You can use it in such cases without impeding your work while a parallel data breach investigation continues.

To save time

The importance of data backup can be understood from the fact that more than half of the businesses affected by the data breach have to go through legal issues. These not only affect the reputation but also, the productivity.

Having data backed up speeds up the recreation of any lost data, thus not affecting your productivity in case of breaches.

Keeping the data safe during disasters

And not to forget the mighty nature. It can create havoc anytime, and the environmentalists may not have time to alarm you. Keeping multiple copies of your data in different locations can save your business.

You are human

To err is human. And you or one of your team members can delete something without even knowing. Better to realize the importance of data backup as early as possible.

OK, those were a few advantages of data backup but how often should you backup your data? I would say as often as you can. Every time you make changes or add data, you should back it up to protect in case of any mishap.

And back it up not only on physical devices but also on online storage services. Moreover, cloud computing and cloud backups can save you a significant amount of time and money.


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