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8 Pieces That Will Elevate Your Style Game This Winter

Cold and wintery days can be fun with bright and colorful clothes. If you are planning to make a style statement this season then note that your clothing needs to boast two attributes, good quality, and a memorable aesthetic. As long as you keep this in mind, everything else will fall into place. One must always remember that the type of clothes you wear will represent your visual personality. If the clothes you wear are boring and shoddy, then people might assume that you are as well. Therefore, it is always a good idea that you wear clothing that is not only eye-catching but also well-made. This will help you leave a solid impression. 

Winters is a perfect season for fashion enthusiasts to try fun combinations with the pieces they own. They can layer their clothing to refine their look. There are certain items that you should consider to elevate your style game during the season. What are they? Well, let’s find out. 

#1. Bomber Jacket   

If you want to rock the winters then consider getting your hands on the bomber jacket. You just can’t go wrong with this! Plus, there are multiple options available to choose the best bomber jackets from. For extra style points, you can sport this piece with a white or black t-shirt, jeans, and trainers. You will certainly turn many heads with your looks.   

#2. Pea Coat

The double-breasted overcoat is a must-have for every man during the colder months. You can wear it for multiple occasions whether it is for the office or a romantic date. You can get a navy jacket and pair it with jeans. This will give you a casual smart look. Or, if you want, you can wear a light-colored dress pant with them. No matter how you style this, it is a timeless piece that will surely make you the center of attention. 

#3. Wool Overcoat 

Just like a bomber jacket or a pea coat, you can count on a wool overcoat that will certainly make you look a lot sharper. This piece can easily be found in a variety of different colors and lengths. This coat will make your overall outfit shine. To make sure that you style it correctly, consider going for bold colors such as camel, and charcoal. When it is a bit sunny, wear your shades which will enhance your look. 

#4. Wool Blazer

Nothing will make you look hip quite like a stylish blazer for men. Therefore, opt for a wool blazer that you can wear in semi-formal occasions. This piece is undoubtedly a winter essential for every wardrobe. Plus, it will keep you warm. You can pair it with a button-down shirt or a roll neck that will make you look sharp. 

#5. Wool Suit 

Just like a wool blazer, a wool suit is another great option that you can rock during the winters. The soft-touch of the ensemble will be heavy enough to protect you from the cold but at the same time, it will be lightweight enough to make sure that you can breathe comfortably. You can go for a smart casual look by pairing the suit with a roll neck or a t-shirt. On the contrary, if you want to opt for a formal look then it is advisable to dress it with a button-down shirt. 

#6. Scarf 

Scarfs are not just for females. Men too can wear it to make their outfits shine. You can either wrap the scarf around your neck or can let it hang loose. Both ways will work just fine. Also, don’t forget that there are multiple ways to style it. So, get creative and bedazzle everyone with your looks. 

#7. Zip-Up Sweater 

Want to try something different winter season? Why not go for a zip-up sweater. It is a great piece that you can layer with a different range of clothing. For instance, you can opt for a dark wool blazer or a light-colored top that will give you a perfect office-to-bar look. You can also consider dressing it with a rollneck or button-down shirt. Moreover, you can experiment with this piece to come up with a killer combination. 

#8. Khaki Pants 

Mens khakis are back in trend! They can go with multiple outfits. In fact, it can go with all of the options mentioned above. No matter if you like keeping it casual, business, or boho, khaki pants will always add a spark to your outfit. 


Dressing up in winter is always fun mainly because there are just way too many options available. However, dressing the right way that can help you make a style statement can sometimes become a bit challenging. But not anymore! You can always stock your wardrobe with the options discussed that will make you look trendy and fashionable. Moreover, there are many more pieces that you can consider going for if you truly want to stand out such as flannel shirts, beanies, turtlenecks, Cardigans, and oversize jumpers.


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