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Benefits of Vitamin E and Where to Find It?

Vitamin E is considered as one of the most important vitamins essential for the regular function of several organs in the body. An antioxidant, as it is, vitamin E tends to occur naturally in foods and it is, in many ways, disparate from the artificial vitamin E found in supplements. However, these supplements are extensively used for dealing with vitamin E deficit in people. Although, it’s not very common, but still can transpire in people with certain genetic syndromes and in premature infants with very low-weight.

The benefits of Vitamin E are innumerable indeed.

A cure to Alzheimer – People who are already suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease, clipping to vitamin E coupled with some anti-Alzheimer drugs has proven to be effective in slowing down memory loss.

An antidote to blood disorder – Taking vitamin E orally has come out to be highly benefitted for kids with certain blood disorder that tends to bring down levels of protein in the blood known as beta-thalassemia.

Relief to menstrual cramps – A number of researches and surveys have been conducted and it’s revealed that taking vitamin E for consecutive two days before bleeding and for three days after bleeding has been highly beneficial in terms of assuaging pain and moderating menstrual blood loss to a considerable extent.

Respite to liver disease- Symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease can be easily decreased with proper intake of vitamin E. As per a number of evidences in this regard, taking vitamin E for two years is associated with insulin resistance. NAFLD, also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease takes in a number of conditions that cause an unnecessary accretion of fat even in the liver of people who don’t drink alcohol at all. As per a recent review conducted in 2021, vitamin E supplements have often proven to be effective in reducing levels of ALT and AST in blood, dwindling blood lipid levels, and enhancing the liver health in patients with NAFLD altogether.

Effective in enhancing skin health- Supplements of Vitamin E have also proven to be beneficial for people with certain skin ailments such as eczema. Nevertheless, research on this particular area has not yet been complete, since more & more studies are required to cram up the potential benefit of the vitamin.

Beneficial for elderly people- Since vitamin E plays a major role in perking up the immune function in people, vitamin E rich foods and supplements are highly advantageous for older adults who have amplified needs for different nutrients or don’t get the adequate nourishment through their diets.

Growing use of Vitamin E rich food products and supplements has had a positive impact on the market growth across the world. According to Allied Market Research, the global vitamin E market is projected to witness a striking CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

5 natural food products that are known to be a healthy source of Vitamin E-

Almonds Hundred gram serving of almonds has almost twenty-five milligram of vitamin E. One can easily add roasted almonds on their diet. Taking them as snacks or simply adding them to baked items or cereals has its own round of benefits. Almond milk is also a rich source of vitamin E.

Sunflower seeds- An outstanding snack, sunflower seeds are full of an array of nutrients including vitamin E. Sunflower seeds can be incorporated in diet along with oatmeal, yogurt, or salad. Hundred gram serving of sunflower seeds comprises almost thirty five milligrams vitamin E.

Some oils Oils such as rice bran oil, wheat germ oil, safflower oil, and grapeseed oil are an excellent source of vitamin E.

Avocados A versatile fruit, avocados contain very little sugar and a lot of nutrients. In hundred gram of avocado, almost two milligram of vitamin E can be found, which improves the digestive health of individuals.  The same size portion also holds ten milligram of vitamin C, making it a healthy addition to a number of snacks and meals choices.

PeanutsA much popular snack, peanuts are also a rich source of vitamin E, a there is almost five milligram of vitamin E in a hundred gram serving of roasted peanuts. Here, it’s worth suggesting that one should always prefer purchasing plain peanuts that are simply dry roasted rather than those with added flavors and salts.


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