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Best AI Tools for Digital Marketers in 2023

AI tools have become essential for digital marketers as they can help automate and streamline many tasks, such as data analysis, audience targeting, and content creation. The tools and software save marketers time and effort by improving the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns. The tools assist digital marketers in accomplishing digital marketing activities such as advertising creative and copy, copywriting assistants, content creation, and social media automation. Providing data-driven insights and personalized experiences, AI help digital marketers to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, allowing marketers to make more informed decisions about their strategies and improve their overall performance.

AI tools can help automate ad creatives for digital marketing using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. The tools save time and effort compared to manual creation. Moreover, the tools are helpful for marketers to analyze customer behavior and preferences. Personalized ad creatives resonate with the target audience which helps to promote the company’s brand visibility. Another benefit for marketers is that AI can automatically optimize ad creatives by evaluating performance data, such as click-through rates and conversion rates, and adjusting ad creatives accordingly.

As concerning refining and improving the content, AI copywriting tools are becoming increasingly important for marketers. They help streamline the content creation process and improve the quality of the content produced. These tools use natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality copy for a variety of marketing purposes, including email campaigns, social media posts, and product descriptions. The copywriting tools also assist marketers to tailor their content to specific audiences and improve their overall marketing strategy. Hence, AI copywriting tools save marketers time and resources while delivering top-notch. and outstanding content to their target audience.

AI content generators are significant for digital marketing as they create high-quality content and save time and resources for businesses. The AI tools effectively generate content for various purposes such as blog posts, social media updates, product descriptions, and more. Moreover,  marketers use AI content generators to improve SEO. The tools produce strong and relevant keywords that optimize content performance and attract more visitors to the webpage.


AI tools can help marketers in social media marketing by providing insights, automating tasks, and improving the accuracy of the content. The tools assist marketers in sentiment analysis. For instance, the tools analyze social media conversations to determine the sentiment of the audience. The chats and discussions allow marketers to better understand their audience’s opinions and feelings about their brand.  By using data on users’ behavior and interests, AI tools deliver personalized content and ads that increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions. Moreover, AI-powered chatbots can handle customer service inquiries and other routine tasks. It helps marketers to focus on achieving strategic initiatives.  Marketers using AI tools can analyze images and videos that are more engaging for social media campaigns. The tools automatically tag videos with relevant keywords that make videos more appealing to customers.

AI Tools Helpful For Digital Marketers

Automating Ad Creatives Tools


AdCreative.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that helps in digital marketing by automating the creation of high-quality ad creatives. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to generate ad designs, copy, and visuals based on a brand’s specifications and target audience. It helps to save time and resources in the ad creation process while increasing the effectiveness and relevance of the ads. Additionally, AdCreative.ai also offers tools for optimizing ad performance and tracking results.  It helps to boost digital marketing campaigns.

AI-powered content creation tools help businesses create marketing materials such as ads, blog posts, and social media content. While it also assists Wikipedia page creation services in generating content for a Wikipedia page. Since creating a Wikipedia page requires writers to adhere specific set of guidelines, AdCreative.ai is useful for generating reliable and verifiable content. Moreover, the user-friendly interface of the tool helps marketers makes to upload brand logos and authentic company information and details. Hence, using this tool, marketers add unbiased, and well-sourced content that fulfills Wikipedia’s notability criteria.

Adobe Sensei

It is a machine learning platform developed by Adobe to automate and enhance various creative and marketing tasks. The tool helps to create and improve the design using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Experience Cloud. Sensei’s features include image and video analysis, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and personalized content recommendations.


With Abyssale, marketers can generate eyre- catching brand designs. The tool effectively helps in image automation. It helps companies to enhance their marketing campaigns.  Businesses use Abyssale for email marketing or image split testing. The AI-powered tool provides quick and high-quality ad creatives. For instance, businesses leverage countless auto-generated images and videos for their social, advertising, or email marketing campaigns. The automated tool combines Zapier and Integromat allowing companies to launch and send their emails or marketing content images anywhere.

Adext AI

An artificial intelligence platform helps to create marketing content. Machine learning algorithms optimize digital advertising campaigns across multiple channels, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It automates the process of campaign optimization by continually analyzing and adjusting campaign settings based on data and user behavior.


An AI-powered platform that helps marketers create highly engaging and personalized ad content.  AI-powered marketing platform uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to help marketers create more effective marketing messages and content. It uses a data-driven approach to analyze the audience’s preferences. Then it generates content that helps to create brand awareness among potential clients.

AI Copywriting Tools

Craftly AI

AI-powered copywriting tools help businesses to create effective marketing copy. The tools use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate content for various marketing materials such as website copy, social media posts, and email campaigns. Some of the features of Craftly AI include a content idea generator, blog post outlines, and ad copy suggestions. Digital marketers can input their target audience, brand information, and desired tone to customize the generated content.

 The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA)

The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) is an AI-powered tool developed by SEMrush that helps writers optimize their content for search engines. Reputation management services use this software to generate keywords related to the content. It helps to improve the readability, and quality of the content to boost SEO on the website. Writers can also use SWA as a plugin for text editors such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and WordPress to refine the quality of the marketing content.


Another effective AI-powered editing software is Grammarly. The essential features of Grammarly include checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and improving the tone and style of the content. The premium version helps to refine the language and provides feedback to use simple vocabulary to bring clarity to writing. The software edits the paragraphs and condenses the sentences to make them more appealing to the readers.

AI Content Generators


The AI-powered tool helps in content creation by providing ideas, suggestions, and answers to questions related to a wide range of topics. The content helps generate articles, blog posts, or social media updates. Companies use the software to generate high-quality and informative brand promotion content that attracts a wider audience. Moreover, the software creates personalized content for specific audiences and helps to improve customer engagement and retention. It also helps to automate customer service and support, providing quick and accurate responses to common questions and issues.

Jasper AI

An AI copywriter generates high-converting content for ads, blog posts, landing pages, and other marketing materials within a short span. It can generate many social media posts along with creating eye-catching captions for social media content. Jasper AI also creates catchy video scripts for videos used for social media marketing campaigns. Moreover, it assists marketers in generating unique content that helps to boost the SEO of the website. The SEO optimization features of Jasper AI create significant keywords and phrases that attract more customers to visit the site to gain knowledge about the company’s brands and services.

AI Tools that boost Social Media Marketing


Digital marketers engaging in social media marketing can generate a full content calendar by employing Smartly.io. The AI-powered tool helps businesses to create and manage ad campaigns for social media sites. The tool featuring ad creation, targeting, optimization, and reporting enables marketers to improve their conversion rates on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover the AI algorithms help social advertisers to gain the highest return on investment (ROI).


The Hunch platform automates creative production and media management, improving the quality of marketing campaigns. The tool helps to restructure both the creation of video and image ads that are used for social media campaigns. The cloud-based solution assists marketers to promote their brands on social media platforms. It is used for customer journey mapping, personalized content creation, and advertisement automation. High-quality content generated through Hunch brings more profit and conversions to the company.


It is a machine-learning tool that helps brands and agencies to transform their digital advertising campaigns. The tools provide the best quality of marketing content used for creative campaigns. It assists businesses to leverage creative data by developing the quality of ad product portfolios. Today, more than 79% of marketing agencies and other online platforms are using Celtra marketing automation platforms to launch product campaigns, generate creative ads and improve SEO. Thus, the creative marketing content generated through Celtra helps businesses increase brand integrity and invisibility on online platforms.

How companies can manage Wikipedia pages to operate AI tools

Companies can use AI tools to create a Wikipedia page. Employing the tools help companies to establish their credibility on Wikipedia. Moreover, the tools create neutral, verifiable, and properly sourced content as required by Wikipedia guidelines. Furthermore, the tools are useful in keeping the company page updated. Community editors using AI tools provide accurate and up-to-date information about the company. Additionally, the editors also use AI tools to monitor their Wikipedia page for any unauthorized edits or vandalism.

To Recap

AI tools can certainly help automate and optimize ad creatives and can create engaging ads for websites and social media sites. AI generates creates high-quality advertising and social media posts and visuals for marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. Consequently, AI copywriting tools improve brand tone which makes content appealing to the audience. AI tools optimize ad campaigns across social media channels. The editors can develop the language and style of the content by fixing grammatical errors, syntax, and spelling errors. Moreover, the writers can use AI content generators to create excellent and informative product content, social media posts, and marketing campaigns. Hence, using these tools helps marketers create highly engaging and personalized content for their marketing and advertising campaigns.


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