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Best Investment Options for People in Their Twenties

The students graduate from the colleges in their twenties. And, they climb a step in the corporate or business world. Now, they no longer get limited pocket money but salary in their bank accounts to fulfill their desires and party much harder. But, one must remember that your spendthrift attitude today may cost your comfortable retirement.

Best Investment Options and Methods

Here are the best investment options and methods that can help you to save money for your future and even enjoy your present. Additionally, you will be able to save taxes by investing in tax saving schemes. Keep on reading:

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are an apt investment option for youngsters. It is easy to understand and can be started with a minimum amount of Rs. 500. But, if you can invest Rs. 1000 through a systematic investment plan (SIP), you can get great returns on it.

The mutual funds hold securities that have low, medium, and high risks. The higher the risks, the more the returns you can earn from it. Hence, the financial experts advise investing in different mutual categories such as equity fund, liquid fund, hybrid fund, debt fund, etc.

Stock Exchange

The twenties are the period when one can take risks and invest money to gain more profits. The stock means a share in the ownership of the company. Though the stock market is unstable in nature, it is believed to yield great returns on investment.

Investing in the stock exchange is not a cakewalk task as here, one must be well-aware of the company’s history and present working scenario. You can even consult a financial advisor who can assist you with the required financial knowledge in the stock exchange. Select the best stock after doing your own homework while investing your money in any company.

Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits are for anyone who considers safe investment options for their future. Here, you need to invest a certain amount of money every month for a fixed period. The rate of interest is decided on the basis of the amount and tenure.

You can easily search for the bank that can give your good rate of interest on the bank’s website. Hence, everything is fixed here, be it the monthly amount or tenure. Choose the bank wisely for your recurring deposits.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are also a safe investment choice just like recurring deposits. As the name suggests, the fixed deposits are for a fixed amount to be invested once for any specific period where the rate of interest is pre-determined. As the fixed deposit is usually for longer period for time, the interest rates are low in nature.

Hence, it is advised to invest your money in multiple fixed deposits for short terms to gain maximum returns on your investment.

Real Estates

Real Estate is one of the best investments that have promising returns in the long term. So, if you have enough savings then purchase a real estate. This investment choice requires research, knowledge, and patience. You need to be aware of the laws of the land, predict the future rates of the rental land, and need to search for a profitable land to invest your money in it.

Investing in real estate or rental properties will never go out of fashion due to its ever-growing demand. But, if you think you lack knowledge in this area, you must consult a real estate advisor to get in-depth information about the rental properties and he/she can even guide you in purchasing it.

Take Away!

Thus, it is rightly said the ‘start as young as you can’. These are the best investment options you can go for in your twenties to have financial security and accomplish your desires in the near or later future.


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