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5 Different Colored Stone Signet Rings

Signet rings have long been associated with high status and authority and are known to be owned only by a few powerful men throughout their history. The most prize-worthy feature that gives signet rings so much admiration is the engraved letters and words. For this very reason, these rings hold special sentimental value for people of all generations. In recent years, both men and women are seen wearing signet rings as a fashion statement. Over the years signet rings underwent many transformations keeping in view the needs of different customers which has only increased their popularity.

The basic design of a signet ring is a large bezel with lettering done on it. Today, we have lots of design options that perfectly capture the personality traits of the wearer right from family crest rings, monogram rings, military or biker rings. However, signet rings with gemstones encrusted in them have managed to be a winner among the buyers.

The colored stone set rings are rings with hard stone gems inlaid into the head. There are five different colored stones to choose from, bloodstone, black onyx, lapis lazuli, carnelian and sardonyx. They are available in yellow, rose and white gold as well as in sterling silver and platinum.  These stone signet rings can be custom made with metal detailing or engraving according to one’s preference. For those interested in buying a stone signet ring, we have some ideas to help you buy the right ring that blends with your personality and at the same time creates a stir among those around you.


Bloodstone signet ring
Bloodstone beats all other gemstones when it comes to choosing a stone for your signet ring. This stone bears an amusing dark green hue with a few red flecks which portray the strength of character. This stone also holds biblical significance and is used to depict scenes of Christ’s crucifixion. It has many transformative abilities and is known to bring relief from many diseases, especially diseases of the blood. Oval, round or square-shaped bloodstone encased in yellow gold or silver signet ring looks perfect on people with tough and bold personalities. Getting a seal engraved over the stone gives the ring a nice personal touch.

Black Onyx

Black-Onyx Signet Ring
Onyx easily fits into the category of gemstones suited for inlaying in signet rings. This stone is believed to be originated from the nail pairings of goddess Venus when they fell in Indus river. That’s where this stone got its name Onyx, a Greek word which means fingernails. This stone has protective abilities and is considered good to be worn during adversities or battles. It also guards against any evil forces directed at you and brings about complete mental balance. Its deep black color looks beautiful when affixed on a rich buttery 18ct yellow gold frame and creates a bold look. You can get it customized with your chosen seal or picture engraved on the stone.

Lapis Lazuli

Let this stunning rock consisting of bright blue gemstone create history by encrusting it in your signet ring. Ideally, the gorgeous blue hue looks brilliant over yellow gold but you can opt to wear it on silver or even white gold. This stone appears to be one of the most expensive gemstones and has been widely used in jewelry, statues and burial masks throughout its history. The stone may come with white or grayish streaks due to the presence of different minerals. A pure lapis lazuli stone comes with a uniform blue color without any Colored flecks. Wearing this stone is known to prevent miscarriages and also helps in combating dementia, epilepsy, and respiratory problems.


If you are constantly haunted by negative feelings, reddish-orange carnelian is the stone you should choose for your signet ring. This orange to brown-hued stone is frequently used in antique jewelry. The presence of iron oxide in it contributes to a more pronounced reddish hue. Carnelians tend to foster confidence and boldness in people with low self-esteem. Wearing this stone is also believed to keep nightmares, blood disorders, nosebleeds, skin disorders and feelings of depression at bay. The elegant bright hue looks great both in silver and gold signet rings.


Sardonyx comes in many different hues ranging from brown, black, white, orange and red with orange being the most favored Colour option. This stone is thought to bring positivity into one’s love life. It helps you manage things that have been preventing you from leading a normal life. It improves focus especially in jobs that require great mental agility and helps you achieve goals with greater clarity. Wearing this stone in times of sickness or stress infuses you with the strength to overcome that phase. Seal it with your chosen pattern and wear it on a yellow gold ring to stay protected and energized with its positive aura.


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