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Colours & UX: Using Power Of Colors For Your Dropshipping Business?

One of the essential parts of our observation of the world around us is our vision. We value things very much based on what we want. More specifically, the best way to determine if something catches our eye. This is something that you need to understand well, and that’s why colour schemes and themes are a big part of Shopify print on demand industry.

When it comes to attracting customers to any product, it is essential to choose the right colour that strikes the customer. Colour marketing is something that people can use to buy not only on impulse but in other cases a strong bond can also be formed.

After all, why do financial companies like JPMorgan, American Express and insurance choose blue in their brands? Simple – a colour that is synonymous with faith; And trust is essential when it comes to economic transactions for your Shopify dropshipping business.


Impact on our behaviour

Scientists have long been investigating how different colours affect our brains and make them think in a certain way. An example of this could be the colour blue (‘faith’), which is synonymous with cool things and emotions. Looking at the sea or the blue sky is a clear example of how this works.

Similarly, the grey sky with clouds represents a feeling of sadness, and a person can experience sadness. However, the same grey colour has been successfully used as a link to maturity and achievement. It is only necessary to use a light brown Lexus in its logo to attract and maintain a selected market segment based on socio-economic factors.



Choosing the best colour for your products

Choosing the best colour for the print on demand Shopify product and packaging can help stimulate the right place in the mind of the customer and bring the product out of the competition. Colour is a powerful agent of both experiences and memories, providing an optimistic and pessimistic view of everything we have experienced or will experience.

When it comes to print on demand Shopify products, the colour blue develops calm, confidence and reliability. Mugs, T-shirts and hoodies are often come with the colour of choice, as people often need to think and decide before purchasing to determine whether to buy or gift them. Engaging the customer in that frame of mind is about who chooses these colours, and marketers always use these types of techniques.


Marketing with colour

Given how significant a colour effect is on our behaviour and mood, sellers are increasingly engaged in understanding how they can control it for the success of their business.

An example of this could be candy, a sweet item that we all eat so much every day as children. The use of green and yellow is something that marketers often avoid. Those colours don’t match the tone of the candy, which is sweet. Instead, one of the most commonly used colours in candy is red, which is synonymous with sweet flavours.

Consumers who choose to buy such as pillow covers are often based on triggered subconscious decisions. A major part of that decision-making process is what makes the brain happiest when purchasing something for everyday use.

In general, colour is associated with the technique of buying red impulse, and all businesses that rely on impulse buying generally make red products. Gifts for loved ones like red Mugs and scarlet hoodies have lots of reds in them which make a person more likely to make an impulse purchase decision.



Packaging design with colour

The choices consumers make to buy any product are often based on a subconscious decision. A big part of the decision-making process is what makes the brain happiest when purchasing something for everyday use. Choosing the best colour for the product and packaging can help stimulate the right place in the mind of the customer and bring the product out of the competition.

The common thread of colour encourages the use of judgment and support, connection and reason. Professionals, consultants and marketing teams use the inter-driving value of colour in branding. Some many products and brands have successfully used colour to appeal to their fragmented customer base. Notice how they are in a completely different market segment?

Many energy drinks use orange in liquid colour as well as in both packaging and labels. Why well, it shows a feeling of freshness, highness, radiance, excitement and joy. You will also notice that the orange colour set is well combined with the faceted white. This makes minimal aesthetics.


Choose colours as per the nature of your business

What’s interesting about green? Well, there are different types of organizations. Whether it’s “grass greening”, “green” per penny, being given a “green light” to take action, or being given a “green thumb”.Also, the colour of the associations varies from the green. For example, natural green like forest shade works to give peace and freshness—bright green about hard work and high strength.

And think about biofuels including biotechnology in medicine. Many of these companies, like BP and Green Science, draw ideas from their product demonstrations and packaging to make the Earth’s all-natural, more ‘human friendly’.

Many companies have one of the most famous logos, used in all of its products, signatures, advertising and packaging. The use of colour is an integral part of that promotion for international peace, stability and relaxation in its stores—an excellent ‘mix’ of messages bound with the help of green.


Colours and their effects on products 

Depending on the colour you choose to add to your branding or marketing, you’ll get a different response. However, the effect goes far beyond the scope of just one case. Every colour seen during years of research has a tone that applies to practically any situation. The following list describes how each of them works to target customer behaviour.

  • Red: It is used to express a sense of urgency and excitement. Sales and romantic products often use red.
  • Yellow: It is a bright and youthful colour should be meant as a means of customer attention.
  • Green: Money, green is associated with wealth, but it is also a comfortable colour like nature.
  • Blue: The colour of trust and safety, used in situations that require a customer like businesses and banks.
  • Orange: Draws the attention of the Orange range to make a call to action by increasing the aggressive tone. Traffic cones, fast food signs, sales announcements, etc. all use this colour to entice customers.
  • Black: A symbol of strength and impulse; this colour is famous for products that are both luxury and inspiration.
  • Pink: Considered to be the most feminine colour, you may find that it is beneficial for products with a female target audience as it is both calm and reliable for users.

Colours are a big part of any successful marketing plan. Knowing how to use colour marketing properly can often mean the difference between success and failure.


Author Bio:

Adelina Berg is working as a blogger and writer at Shirtee. Cloud-based in Germany which provides print on-demand services and integrations with a dropshipping solution all over the world. She has a great passion for sharing knowledge and finding innovative solutions in business development and eCommerce.


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