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Different Types Of Wedding Decorations You Can Try

Weddings are all about celebrating the love two people share and the promises they make to be there for each other. The friend and family members come together to celebrate the union of the loving couple. You don’t always need something extravagant. And you don’t always need to invite 100s of guests, especially when social distancing is being advised by many governments. Hopefully, we will come out of this situation soon. Let’s talk about some of the best wedding decorations.


Introduction About Wedding Decorations

Couples are always thinking and planning about their wedding theme and the ways to make it a special day. Decorations play the most important part of hosting the wedding of your dreams. To make your wedding more memorable we have some decoration ideas that will make your venue look more beautiful and add some personality to it. Even if you are celebrating the wedding with your close family because of the Coronavirus pandemic, you can choose a simple theme like chalkboard signs or paper lanterns to make it special.

1.) Wedding banners

Wedding banners look great in photographs. They add a hint of intricacy to the otherwise simple space. You can write your favorite love quote or your names on the banners. Choose the color and size that matches your theme and don’t take up extra space.

2.) Buntings

Buntings can be of any geometric shape tied or glued to a string. They can be hung on walls or from the ceiling. Buntings add color to the venue. They can be made up of fabric, paper or tinsels. Buntings are visually pleasing and they add a cozier, more intimate feeling to the venue.

3.) Paper lanterns

For an indoor wedding, you can hang paper lanterns from the ceiling to create an otherworldly feel. Use different colors for the lanterns to add a more vibrant vibe to the venue.

4.) Chalkboard signs

Instead of having printed signs at the entrance use chalkboard signs, write your names or wedding date on it. You can also use a chalkboard to display the seating arrangement.

5.) Aisle markers

Aisle markers as the name say mark each row with the aisle. You can use greenery-filled bouquets, candles or confetti-filled cones hung from the chairs. You can add something that matches your theme. Aisle markers can be placed on the ground next to the chair or tied to the seats.

6.) Paint the floor

If you don’t want to place anything on the aisle but still want to highlight your way to the altar, you can simply paint the floor in different colors. Throw different streaks of colors that match or compliment your theme on the aisle.

7.) Circle installation for the altar

For altar decoration, you can add some circle installation as the backdrop of your altar. Wrap flowers or simple vines around it to add an aesthetic Pinterest inspired vibe to your venue. You can match your circle installation decoration with the aisle markers as well.

8.) Vintage altar

You can go “vintage” with your altar ideas. If you are having an outdoor wedding takes old rustic wooden door hang pines or sheer drapes on it. Or you can place candles or fairy lights for the evening event for a warmer cozy vibe.

9.) Hang dream catchers

Dream catchers give a romantic vibe. You can have dream catchers in colors that match your theme. Hang them from the ceiling in the whole venue or you can use them as the backdrop of your altar in a comparatively large size.

10.) Hang flowers from the ceiling

You can hang flowers from the ceiling and if it doesn’t suit your budget then you can add more greens with fewer flowers. Nowadays flower dripping installations as altar decorations are in trend. You can give a more natural outdoorsy forest vibe to your venue by installing flower dripping installation.

11.) A photo wall

Put a wall of polaroid pictures of all your memorable moments together. You can also use the pictures of your engagement or engagement ring. These pictures will add a personal touch to the ceremony and will also remind you of all the moments which lead you both here, to the altar.

12.) Flower frames

Photo props are necessary for every wedding. Use old frames in the larger sizes and fill the frame with flowers. If you don’t want to use real flowers you can have paper flowers attached to the frame. If you want a rather simple look then use simple vines or tie ribbons to the frame.

13.) Use Sheer Drapes

Hang sheer drapes from the ceiling for your indoor venue. Floor to ceiling drapes will give the room a more airy feel. You can keep it simple yet elegant with plain white drapes or use bright colors to create a fun vibe. By using the ceiling to floor drapes you can go light with the other décor. Sheer drapes can be used as altar decoration for an outdoor wedding.

14.) Use mirrors and fairy lights

By installing mirrors and some fairy lights for the decoration you can add more light to your venue. Hang some mirrors from the ceiling or place them with the aisle, put some fairy lights or candles to add more focus to your mirror decorations.


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