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Digital Radiography: New Product Launches to Ease Healthcare Services to People

Digital Radiography Overview:

Digital radiography has gained immense traction in various countries across the globe, owing to technological advancements in numerous equipment used in the healthcare sector. Its plays major role in determining and treating various chronic diseases among patients by producing a radiographic image on the computer, and hence they are extensively used in medical imaging in hospitals and clinics. Thus, increase in the number of people suffering from various chronic diseases, growing cases of cancer among people across the globe, rising frequency of sports-related injuries among sportsmen, and significant surge in the geriatric population around the world are expected to drive the demand for digital radiography in the forthcoming years.

Digital Radiography Factors:

In addition, healthcare professionals across the globe are increasingly inclined towards obtaining high-quality picture processing in a much shorter duration of time when compared to analog systems. Moreover, digital radiography comes out as an ideal choice for clinical diagnosis as it also tends to emit a limited amount of radiation exposure as compared to the traditional analog systems. These factors are further expected to boost the demand for digital radiography in the upcoming years. Thus, various manufacturers in numerous countries across the globe are incessantly paying major emphasis on increasing sharpness, contrast, and overall quality of the digital radiography to essentially facilitate medical imaging and inspect adverse injuries suffered by patients in the real time.

Conversely, digital radiography offers a great deal of benefits such as cost effectiveness, high degree of accuracy, improved efficacy, and enhanced predictability. Remarkable growth in the population across the globe, rising urbanization and industrialization, significant surge in the investment in the healthcare sector from the government of various countries around the world, and growing need for advanced diagnostic models to support and improve patient care are expected to exponentially surge the demand for digital radiography in the near future.

In addition, introduction of innovative lightweight and wireless panel detectors and persistent technological advancements for maximizing diagnostic accuracy and minimizing radiation exposure dosages are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the growth of the global digital radiography market in the impending years.

Radiography Market Players:

Numerous players of the market across the globe are launching new and advanced digital radiography equipment to effectively cater the needs and demands of the people in the healthcare sector. For instance, Boston Diagnostic Imaging, an innovative biotechnology company engaged in developing innovative imaging technologies and committed to deliver fast, easy, and accurate diagnostic solutions, announced the launch of a new product called GM85 Fit.

This product is the new configuration of the company’s previous AccE GM85, which is digital radiography device featuring a user-centric design that aids in efficient and effective patient care. The newly launched GM85 Fit was intrinsically designed by keeping the user in mind, correlating to its impeccable features.

The GM85 Fit is powered with a lead-free lithium-ion battery, and capable of providing users with a more value-oriented mobile X-ray device that has an impressive set of throughput and workflow features along with a long lifespan and high efficiency. It supports rapid charging, and hence the device can be fully charged within about three to four hours.

The GM85 Fit is an extremely light design, and is capable of delivering a seamless driving experience. The detector being lightweight, can effectively facilitate patient positioning for the professional. It can be either be on standby on sleep mode for nearly about 35 hours or take a total of up to 1,900 exposures. It is also capable of taking up to 550 limited exposures up to 37.3 miles during 11 hours of use without additional charging.

This impeccable device quietly operates at low noise levels, with levels lower than 42 dB during standby and night mode. The device also has a quick control for sound and brightness to avoid disturbing patients. Thus, introduction of innovative products from eminent players of the market and growing cases of chronic disorders among people are expected to create ample opportunities for the market.


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