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Hospitality: Eight Essential Hotel Guest Supplies

The holidays are upon us once again now. You must think about that most difficult task which is preparing the guest room for your holiday guests, somewhere like meal planning, completing household projects, and getting the kids to school.

Although it can be used for storage for most of the year, it does not take hours to prepare it for visitors. Today we will see how to organize your guest room. So that it’s ready to use at any time, all you need is a quick cleanup before your visitors arrive.

Here is something to consider about hotel guest supplies.

Extra Towels

It’s the first hotel guest supply. Towels should be well maintained which is the primary criteria for the guests. So, it becomes essential that despite washing they should have extra towels if necessary for users.

Having these additional features on hand ensures comfort regardless of personal preferences. If you do not have enough space in your closet or cabinet to store these items, roll them up and place them in baskets on the bed or floor.

Trash Can

The second hotel guest supplies is a trash can. Don’t leave your guests wondering where they should put their luggage tags, airline ticket stubs, or potato chip wrappers when they return from travel. With this simple thing, you can avoid the clutter in your room.


Although most people have a cell phone, having a watch on hand is thoughtful and useful. Let your guests turn off their phones and use the alarm clock on their bedside table instead.

Space For Clothes

It is natural to use your guest room as a storage facility for items that do not fit anywhere else. When guests are expected, make sure to leave enough room for them to comfortably store their belongings, such as bags and hanging some costumes. Don’t forget to throw some empty hangers too.


Laundry is provided by many hotels but those who cannot provide the service should keep an iron in the guests’ rooms. Add an ironing and ironing board to your guest room essential list. If you only have a small amount of space, an over-the-door ironing board or a tabletop ironing board that can be mounted on a bed, floor, or low dresser will suffice.


These can be the most important hotel guest supplies. Some people can’t tell you how many times they have been in a hotel room without one of these and it’s inconvenient to rely on strings of toilet paper as a substitute. A box of tissues is always welcome, especially during winter and allergy season.

Basic Toiletries

These could be the most important hotel room supplies. Your guests are likely to bring their toiletries, but no one should be expected to bring anything beyond the basics.

Make sure they have toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion in the room or bathroom where they will be using it. Place them in a small and attractive basket and include a welcome note to add a personal touch.

Dresser Mirror

A dresser mirror can be of great use when applying makeup or accessories. But who doesn’t want to see their full outfit before leaving the house? Install a full-length mirror in a blank section of the wall behind the dressing space or closet door. Permanent mirrors can also be used as decorative pieces if you have the space.


If you are planning to start your hotel then these are some basic guest supplies that your hotel should keep always.




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