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How To Safeguard Your Physical And Financial Health

Staying healthy physically and mentally is important to manage financial wellbeing. Many people struggle to balance both physical and financial health. Few succeed in this journey of managing both. Some examples are like celebrities and sportspersons. Even in rich people, few may not be successful in managing both. But if you take an example of highly successful people in any field, there are some common points in them.

Well, that is the case in case of already successful and rich individuals, but what about common people. Staying healthy physically is important for every as a human being which can impact on the financial wellness also. Let’s explore some basic things to do to be healthy both physically and financially which is even more important in the current situation mankind is facing. Yes, you got it right; I am mentioning about the panic situation of the Covid-19 pandemic that we all are going through.

Eat Healthy To Stay Healthy

Eating healthy is important to stay healthy. Your food habits and timings play a major role in your activity levels throughout your day. There are plenty of resources online to learn how to eat and what to eat to be healthy.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your favorite foods. Rather you can learn how to make recipes by learning how to cook if you enjoy the cooking. Some people enjoy cooking like a hobby.

Exercise Regularly

The second most important thing is to stay fit enough. For that, you need to practice some sort of activity or exercise that keeps you active. Exercise not only helps to stay physically healthy but mentally too which is crucial for financial wellbeing too in anyone’s life.

Exercise doesn’t mean you should do only strength training. Choose any physical activity that helps you to stay active and motivated in long run. If you get bored in some typing exercise, try switching to a different activity or sports that keep you motivated. But what is important is you stick to be active, no matter which type of exercise or sport you choose. There are many activities to keep motivated and be active. Choose anything that you have more interest in.

Have Enough Sleep

After the hectic schedule of a day, you need to rest properly to be active the next day. Proper rest helps to refresh not only physically but also mentally. Irregular sleep habits not along with irregular food habits in the long run could result in lifestyle health issues like diabetes and hypertension.

We all know this, but rarely some people only could manage it to do it on time. This needs some time management to do all these things particularly to stay on track with commitment and dedication. For this to happen, one needs to balance work-life too.

Have Control on Habits

Many people get addicted to habits like smoking and drinking etc. They believe that the reason for being like that is the circumstances around them, be it a happy reason or a sad one. Occasional partying is ok in anybody’s life. But what is important is that showing a positive impact on one’s life and immediate circle of people around them or it is doing the other way.

Get Regular Health Checkups

Even if you are staying healthy and doing all positive things to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy, it is advised to have an overall general health checkup at least once in a year, particularly if you have crossed 30’s and entered your 40’s.

It is always a good idea to keep monitoring your health. By regular health checkups, you can know your overall health status and predict any hidden health issues. Having a proper health insurance cover for you and your loved ones would help if any unexpected medical emergencies happen.

We have discussed how to stay physically healthy so far, let’s look about staying financially healthy.

Balance Your Spends and Earnings

To be financially healthy one needs to balance their assets and liabilities. Plan expenses based on your total earnings. Most people don’t try to do simple math about their inflow and outflow of money. Healthy financial planning must include proper control over expenses, spend wisely based on need rather than wants, save for future goals, and have sufficient savings for emergencies.

Not everybody would be good at financial planning. Managing physical health is easy compared to financial health for many people. Because, to be financially healthy one needs to have proper knowledge on how to have control over the inflow and outflow of funds, be it personal or family. Unfortunately, many people are not good at it to manage their financial health.

Give Preference to Needs over Wants

Many people don’t realize the difference between needs and wants and tend to spend most of their earnings on lifestyle modifications and unnecessary expenses. Generally, the graph of expenditures keeps going up as one reaches high positions in their job and grow to earn more. One needs to spend wisely preferring needs over wants.

Start Your Financial Planning Early

Most people don’t realize the important financial planning and savings for later age till they pass their youth. They plan it while they are in their middle age. For a healthy retirement, most financial experts advise it to start saving for a healthy retirement from an early age.

Those who are not good at financial planning can take the help of their friends or well-wishers who are good at it.

Invest Some Amount for Future Medical Emergencies

Even if you are fit physically and financially, a medical emergency may cause severe impact and drain all your earnings in one go. It is advised to have a financial backup to face such tough situations. Sufficient health insurance can help to safeguard your lifetime earnings in any uncertain medical emergencies.


To be financially healthy it is important to stay focused and committed towards your long term financial goals. Being physically and mentally fit plays a major role in putting all your efforts in the right direction to safeguard your physical and financial health.


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