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How to Use Hair Extension Care Products for Aftercare

Did you know that using the wrong hair extension products can actually cause your extensions to tangle, feel uncomfortable, and not last as long? If you’re new to using hair extensions — or if you’re looking for a refresher — we’ve got all the information you need on how to use hair extension care products for aftercare.

Hair Extensions Are a Great Way to Add Length or Volume, but They Don’t Last Forever.

Hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume to your hair without the commitment of permanent extensions. When you get your hair extensions, you should plan on getting a touch-up appointment at least once a year.

Before you get any Extensions, you should know why you want them. For example, do you want sleek, flat hair that turns heads? Do you just want super-smooth, low-maintenance hair that screams summer? Do you want a kind of updo that totally makes your gorgeous curls do their magic and just looks gorgeous? You should ask yourself what you want out of your hair extensions before you even think about buying them.

The good news is, you can get tailor-made extensions that arrive exactly how you want them to. No more stress and no more deciding what you want based on what every other girl at school has.
From the sweetest mane extensions to the oh-so-spicy hot chocolate mane extensions, we have a product for everyone. Relax and have your daily fix with Amaryllis Beauty’s extensions. Indulge in super-soft, silky curls that’ll leave your curls looking dewy and voluminous (literally) every time you style them. Recommended for beginners.

If you want your curl crowning with sexy doll ears, dice hair extensions are a great choice. These beauties enhance your curls without taming you. Dice hair extensions are heat-set and provide a natural shine and cuddliness. Best for beginners.

The Right Aftercare Products Can Help Your Extensions Last Longer and Stay Looking Healthy and Shiny.

The right aftercare products will help your extensions last longer and stay looking healthy and shiny. Using products like dry shampoo, mousse, and hairspray can help you get the most out of your hair extensions and keep them looking great.

After you shower during a hot routine, work these great care products all over your hair. Make sure your extensions are smeared with the moisturizing oils offered to you and rinse with shampoo. By the time you shampoo your hair, your hair extensions will already be soft and glossy, similar to how they do in the store. If you prefer to use straightening supplies, be sure to use hair masks, too. Wipe your extensions with mousse. Apply fresh conditioner to your curls or blow-dry your hard-to-grow curls for a quick (and cheap!) anti-frizz leave-in.

If you can’t or don’t have time to buy expensive hair extensions, you can use products from the ones you already have at home. Want to smooth your curls? Try a hair oil with humectants. Want softer curls? Try a hair serum with hyaluronic acid — after you blow-dry your hair, you can use a small amount of this serum to rehydrate and soften curls before they’re put in place. Use a hold styler to help apply the hair oil, then sit on your pillow to style. If you are searching for the best Hair Extensions Care Products, then look no further Cosmetize is the best place where you can find everything you need to take care of your Hair Extensions.

Use the Right Kind of Shampoo to Keep Your Hair Clean Without Damaging Your Extensions.

Make sure to use the right kind of shampoo while you’re wearing hair extensions. Salon-grade shampoo is designed to not only clean your hair but to protect the integrity of your stylist’s work. Salon-grade shampoo doesn’t contain detergents that can strip hair extensions of their colour or damage the bond. However, if your hair salon sells a sulfate-free shampoo, do not choose that one. Sulfates strip the natural oils in our hair, which can cause our hair to feel greasy or dry.

First, find which of your extensions should be washed (most should be, and hair extensions made from extensions should “Be Wet”). Then find the recommended “to moisturize” ingredients. The “to moisturize” ingredients may include polyquaternium-11 (the chemical name for magnesium sulfate), dihydrotestosterone (the “male hormone”), natural cocoa butter, or fragrance. Use this list as a guide to choosing the right moisturiser for your hair and your hair extensions. Be sure to give your colour-treated extensions a full 30 minutes of “conditioning” time.

Using sulfates or harsh chemicals to cleanse hair extensions may cause our extensions to tangly, feel stiff, or suffer visual damage — making them less likely to last longer. If your stylist recommends going a sulfate or mineral oil free route, do so. Sulfates are typically safe and practical to use, but certain “to condition” ingredients, like mineral oil, are problematic for a deep conditioning treatment. It can take up to 15 days for active re-conditioning chemical treatments to fully work on damaged hair as well as healthy hair. If your stylist recommends giving your hair an “active maintenance” treatment, such as coloured or natural oil, this can take weeks.

The chemistry of plastic hair products can cause plastics to react in unexpected ways. Hair extensions made from excess plastic can react with the plastic hair itself to create chemical bonds. This can cause permanent damage to our hair and cause abnormal, even greasier-looking hair.

Conditioner Is Just as Important for Hair Care as It Is for Skin Care — Make Sure You Condition Regularly!

Conditioner is just as important for your hair as it is for your skin. The only time you want to skip conditioner is when you’re shampooing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, which is formulated to remove build-up and cleanse your hair. In general, it’s a good idea to condition your hair every time you shampoo it. Unfortunately, some of the ubiquitous shampoos in the market aren’t great at maintaining a deep-conditioned condition. Oils can create build-up and clog pores, causing dead skin cells and other issues. You want your shower to feel clean, without any of those unsightly build-ups.

Your hair might be fine, but your skin can still use some love. If you’re not in the same habitat as your hair, it can be easy to forget about your skin, even if you’re wearing cotton pyjamas and your hair is powdered straight.

Think about how your favourite moisturizers work on your face. Oils keep the skin soft, and they prevent the skin from getting clogged. Before you take a shower, apply a thin layer to the affected areas on your face. Maybe use a different moisturizer than you normally would be based on how your skin is feeling. For your hair, if it’s already shiny, consider conditioning it with a clarifying shampoo. Then, enjoy your moisturiser and make sure your conditioner has all the required ingredients.

In other dermatological conditions, there are various options for when or if to treat the skin with exfoliants. Think of the topicals we use to treat our skin as the same type of exfoliant — if you use them consistently and with enthusiasm, you’ll be well on your way to ending up with healthier, prettier skin. Because hair isn’t made of the same kind of keratin that our skin is, with the skin you always have to use special products to get the best results from the more traditional methods of hair removal. The good news is that you don’t have to wait to get a salon break-in appointment to use these simple home methods.


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