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How Yoga Helps in Maintaining your Physical Fitness

In the ancient era, yoga was used as a medium to bring body, mind, and soul in a union. But, people nowadays perform yoga to maintain their weight and physical fitness. Yoga has a gamut of benefits be it physically, mentally or spiritually. In this blog, you will find the health benefits of doing yoga and also some best yoga postures to keep you hale and hearty.

Health Benefits of Doing Yoga Everyday

Yoga Helps in Maintaining Weight

Practicing yoga on a daily basis helps you to increase the flexibility of the body. Moreover, it makes your body toned and helps you to cut off those extra pounds. Thus, practicing yoga every day can help you to reduce and even maintain your weight.

Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Are you a working professional or a student who feels stress now and then due to workload? Then, doing yoga can help you keep your mind at ease. It helps to release tension and also gets rid of the brain clog. Check out Yoga for Healthy Mind to find the perfect yoga pose to perform whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

Yoga Increases Mental Focus

Besides reducing your stress and anxiety, yoga also helps to improve your mental focus. Performing yoga helps you to be in the moment physically and mentally, this enhances your mood and concentration power.

Yoga Helps to Attain Spiritual Awakening

Nowadays, people follow a routine cycle of eat-sleep-earn-entertainment and most of them are unaware of their inner potential. Yoga helps you to remove the blockages caused due to mishappening and bring confidence from within. You can even develop a sense of inner peace if you perform yoga daily with full concentration.

Self-Discipline and Control

Yoga can explore a new ‘YOU’ within your inner self. You become more optimistic about yourself and your life. It encourages self-care to be it physically or mentally. You will find it easy to identify what is good for you and what is not. It motivates you to lead a disciplined life.

Best Yoga Poses To Be Practiced Everyday For Good Health

Yoga For Fit Body

Here, are a few asanas that are beginner-friendly to bring your body into shape.

1) Naukasana – Doing Naukasana or boat pose regularly can increase the efficiency of your abdomen muscles and induce proper digestion. It will help you to reduce belly fat effectively.

2) Ardha matsyendrasana – Do you sit in front of a computer screen for long hours? Then, Ardha matsyendrasana or half spinal pose can reduce the ill effects of sitting for long working hours. This pose can make your spine more flexible and reduce back pain.

Yoga For Healthy Mind

Follow the below yoga asanas every day for a healthy mind.

1) Viparita Karani – These days people are living a life full of stress, performing Viparita Karani or legs up the wall pose can help you to alleviate your stress and get rid of depression. It regulates the blood flow, relaxes and calms your mind.

2) Setubandhasana – This pose is a bit difficult for a beginner but if you start practicing it daily, it can revitalize your mind. It increases the blood flow to the nervous system and even reduces the impact of migraine.

Yoga to Lead Spiritual Path

Yoga alone will not help you to gain spiritual growth as yoga is science and art both. It is considered as science because it has certain rules and methods to follow and art as it requires to be practiced intuitively and sensitively to yield spiritual results.

1) Adho Mukha Svanasana – The downward dog pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana stretches your entire body at once. It allows your mind to relax and develop the feeling of connectedness.

2) Trataka – Trataka (Fixed Gazing) is simple yet powerful practice to remove distractions and negative thoughts from your mind. It calms your mind and increases concentration.

Do you yoga? If not, we believe that the above-mentioned benefits are enough to motivate you to start doing it. Though in the beginning, you may not notice remarkable results, making it into practice will definitely yield you extraordinary results.


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