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How you can be a Good Pillion Rider – An ultimate guide

Riding on your motorbike with a passenger at the back can be the best way to get your friends & family understanding what you love about biking. Going with someone on a road trip is one of the best ways of having the best and memorable riding experience. If your friend is a keen rider, you can also share the luxury of an assistant driver which can be good. Riding with a pillion rider smoothly and safely is no less than an art. Certain riding skills are necessary for riding with the passenger. There are few things that differ from riding solo than riding with a passenger. It’s done for ensuring comfort & safety for both of you. In this article we will guide you through safety and comforts tips that a pillion rider must follow. Want to haul your bike this season on roads? For knowing more about riding tips and tricks click here.

How can you be a good pillion rider?

Pillion Rider is the passenger that you carry at the back of your motorbike, he travels in a seat fixed behind the bike rider. Following are some of the basic motorbike safety tips that a pillion rider must follow for making the rider comfortable and safe not just for them but the rider as well.

You might know some of them but what creates a difference here is if you are following them or not.

Get acquainted with the Basic Riding Rules:

A co-passenger must be aware of the basic riding rules. It includes plenty of small tips and tricks.

Getting on the bike: It is one of most, an essential tip that a pillion rider needs. He must have full control on his motions, and he should sit in the straight upright position so the rider can also fit comfortably. It is said tighter is better in this case it essentially is. The pillion rider must hold the rider tightly. Having the loose grip can make the pillion fall while acetizing or cause him to fall at the sudden top. Passengers should also have their hands planted on the rails for the support.

Do not make Unnecessary Body Movements: An important thing that is required by the passenger riding on the two-wheeler is balancing himself perfectly. As per its name, two-wheeler operates on two wheels & requires precise and fair distribution of balance throughout the ride. A pillion rider plays an integral role in ensuring that road safety protocols are being followed.

You should avoid all kinds of unnecessary movements that can distract the rider from concentrating on the road or may disturb the ride’s balance. It’s better to communicate your concerns or any kind of inconvenience to the rider, tell them beforehand if you are going to make a major movement. Arbitrary moments are a no and should be avoided in all cases while riding a bike.

Put you all focus on the Road: Have you read about the role of co-pillion while flying? Just as the co-pilot in the air cock-pit is responsible for the safe flight, a pillion rider is equally responsible for ensuring the safety of the ride on the road.

You should always be vigilant, and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. A good pillion rider should help the rider in enhancing the safety and be his second eye. Make sure you do that appropriately and do divert his attention or pose any unnecessary alarm on to him while he is driving.

Do not Distract the Rider: Riding with the passenger creates a difference for the bike rider as well. In all cases you should not distract the rider. A pillion rider should never draw his attention towards every second thing he sees on the road, or discuss deeper thoughts while riding him. A good pillion rider should put his best concentration on the road. The additional weight of carrying the passenger at the back leaves a dramatic effect on operating the motorcycle handles. For example, braking requires extra distance & balancing at the low speeds can be harder.

Motorcyclists ride more carefully as he carries all these aspects in mind while riding with a passenger.

Shouldn’t Doze Off: The best thing you can do as a pillion rider even if you are an immature or it’s your first-time riding in the bike, is not dozing off while sitting at the back. Most people believe that a pillion rider sits idly at the back, and while swift crossing the smooth and cool breeze of the highway one may fall asleep. Being unhouse at the back of the bike is the worst thing you can do while riding; it will not only compromise your safety but the rider’s as well.

A rider should also check in with the passenger at the back after a specific interval of time. He must ask if they are comfortable with the acceleration, speed and braking.

Avoid Leaning on or Putting Weight on the Rider: Not all of the passenger riders are aware of the fact that they should lean with the motorcyclist and bike. Also, the riders should let the passenger know about all this hitting the road so their ride’s balance won’t get disturbed due to unnecessary hassle.

It isn’t wise to lean towards the shoulders of the rider regardless of the fact how much you want to whisper, or break an underlying news to the rider sitting at the front. It’s because doing so will hamper your body’s motion & might disbalance the vehicle. You can end up feeling the sudden jerk, hold on to the rail support. Doing this will ensure your safety. Fidgeting or making large movements while riding can unsettle the motorcycle balance and lead to tumbling of your bike. Passenger riders must hold on to the motorcyclist or for grabbing rail.

Doing this will help in bringing the weight forward & help with the motorbike balance, especially when it narrows to leaning towards the corners. You should ask motorcyclists where the foot should be placed. It is usually next to the hot exhaust pipe where your feet should be placed. Make sure you do it carefully. It’s also the reason why you should ride while wearing pants. A thick layer of pants provides an additional layer of protection to the bare skin. Only mount or dismount the motorcycle luggage when the rider is ready. It’s when both of you have planted your feet firmly on the ground

Ensure your bike can handle the extra weight: Making sure your bike is capable of handling the amount of weight you are loading it with is the primary duty of the rider but being the passenger, you can’t be totally unaware of it. The passenger must have total confidence in the rider. The added weight of the pillion rider impacts the swiftness and smoothness of the bike which ultimately affects the acceleration, braking, & suspension. So, make sure the bike you are choosing to ride is capable of handling the weights and in good condition.

Communication is vital: Some motorcycles prefer to travel alone; they feel they are better off. Riders need to adjust with the pillion, you can take a test ride with the biker before heading off on the journey. Choosing the equipment rightly is the thing that matters for the comfort of the ride. Your communication with the rider should be clear and fast. Any convince and concern should be communicated immediately but in a subtle manner.


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