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How To Use Email Marketing To Boost Event Attendance

To plan a successful event and promote it for maximum outreach and registration, marketers trust only a single channel to give them mind-blowing results: email marketing. Forty percent of marketers believe that emails are the most effective channel to promote an event.

Marketers use both social media and email marketing campaigns for their event promotion, but over seventy-five percent of creators choose email marketing as an effective strategy as it gives forty-five percent of ticket sales.

Considering the above fact, how do you think the event marketers must put across their email marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd and grab attention?

We list six important tips that can help marketers get more open rates and increase event registrations.

Social proof is a great way to grab eyeballs

Attendees register for an event when they read about impressive experiences of fellow attendees from the past. You include a testimonial about your event and direct the attendee towards the registration process by including a CTA or RSVP button.

Solve a problem

There are many problems over the internet that marketers must find solutions to, or ways to streamline the particular problem for better results.

While you are conducting an event to talk more about the problem, showcase the same in your email marketing campaigns, too.

Offer benefits that they can’t ignore

Who would not want to avail an offer that is lucrative?

If you want to capitalize on your pre-event email marketing campaign, showcase some real benefits or offers that drive the readers to register.

Create an urgency

You create an urgency offer for people who have already viewed your content but have not registered. As people love to avail discounts, enable them with the option to save money if they register before a certain date.

If you make your customer feel like they are going to lose on an important opportunity, they will slip away and register.

Use more of ‘You’ and ‘Your’

People don’t care about what the entire community is going to get out of an event, nor do they care about the organizers. They only care about themselves, human behaviour!

Do not hesitate to use the two powerful words of marketing during your email marketing campaigns.

Show them what they get out of your event, tell them how they can have better knowledge of something after attending your event, and make them believe that you only care about them.

Excite them by showcasing your level of automation involved

Event attendees might find emails distressing because of the series of tasks involved to register themselves for a webinar. Many times, we might have read emails that force you to navigate between multiple steps.

To intrigue viewers to register, mention how your process to register is simple and quick. Give them a brief about your event management platform that smoothens the process and enables the attendees to register in a go.

If possible, also explain to them about the benefits they get after registering for the webinar like live updates, Q&A Sessions, polls, and many more.

Don’t forget to thank your attendees and take their feedback

While this email thanks your attendees, collects their feedback and gives them a recap, the email keeps your attendees connected post the event and makes them feel important.

If you can include videos of prominent event organizers, it would increase the engagement and the click-through-rates even more.

Wrapping up

When it comes to event promotions, use the best format of the emails. Personalize the emails and make it engaging for the readers to take an action. The more effort you take in making your event successful, the better will be the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Remember, pre-launch emails will help you create a hype about your event in the industry, and the informative emails will drive readers to register for the event.

Put together an effective email marketing strategy to get the most out of the listed tips and increase event attendance.



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