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10 Mind-Blowing Android Apps You Might Never Heard Of

As per recent statistics, there are 2.7 million android apps available on the play store. But we use at most 10 or so apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, Banking apps, etc. out of those millions of mobile apps.

Here is the list of 10 most amazing, interesting, and useful android apps that you might have never heard of.

1. Just Watch

With a gamut of online TV and movie streaming services introducing every week, it becomes difficult to track all movies and series channels. Here, JustWatch becomes a perfect app as it tracks all the latest offerings of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Voot, Hooq, and many more. You can search for popular series or discover anything new.

2. Citrus Cube

Citrus cube is the financial assistant that reminds you of your monthly recurring or expenses. You can pay all sorts of bills with this app such as phone bills, utility expenses, and facilitates easy bank transfers with just a mobile number. This application is developed by Citrus Pay.

3. Unfold

Are you a social media freak and want to make perfect posts for your accounts? Then, it is a useful app as it provides creative tools and 25 free templates to make classic Instagram stories. The templates are pretty elegant and you can get many with in-app purchases.

4. Disa

Don’t you think things become messy when all your friends are online on multiple chat apps and you have to switch over these apps to get in touch with all of them at the same time? Then, Disa can become your savior here. It helps you to organize your chat services that include facebook messenger, WhatsApp, hike, and many more in one app.

5. Wysa

Sometimes, you want someone to listen to you patiently without being judgemental. At that time, Wysa can become your perfect friend and adviser as it offers self-help tips, health advice, and even recommend exercises to relieve your stress and anxiety.

6. Wakie

Are you bored with your alarm tunes every morning or you can’t wake up with it? Then, this pretty app is made for you, to wake you up with a phone call from a stranger from any part of the world. This caller will talk to you until you are all set to begin your bright day.

7. Spotted By Locals

Spotted By Locals is a traveler-friendly app that helps a traveler to locate desired places. The suggestion here comes from the residents or locales of the areas. The best part of the app is that it can be accessible even if it offline and you have continuous access to updated information about the place. It can even suggest a landmark to visit restaurants and parks.

8. Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a great app that has collaborations with more than 1200 museums, galleries, and institutions in over 70 countries. So, whenever you feel like rewinding ancient culture and art of the world, just tap your finger on this app and the information or the virtual museum would be in your hands.

9. Fabulous

Fabulous is surely a fantastic fitness and lifestyle improvement app. This Application can bring about a lot of positive changes in your life and make you live healthily. It embarks with simple goals like drinking water once you wake up in the morning, maintain your exercise and dietary routine, and much more. It will definitely make and feel you fabulous if you follow the simple goals flawlessly.

10. Word Snitch

If you are a vigorous reader and loves to read online, jumping from one app to another to find the meaning of any word may cause you trouble. Here, the app called Word Snitch becomes a perfect solution as it pulls the meaning of the difficult word just above your current app. You need to simply select and copy the word and Word Snitch will bring the meaning of the word for you.

Take Away!

These were some of the mind-blowing android apps but there are many. You can begin your self-discovery for the applications that can help you to achieve your learning and fitness goals, as well as provide you sheer entertainment.


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