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Off-Page SEO: Ultimate Guide for 2022

Are you having difficulty ranking high on Google? Most people may struggle even with excellent content and optimized pages, but where might you fail?

Suppose you would like to rank your website above Google. Focusing on a single approach or aspect of SEO will not give desirable results.

To give you a brief explanation of this, we can say that On-page SEO focuses on the content of your web page – how well you have integrated the right keywords into your content. On-page SEO also includes optimizing your web pages for search engines and users.

To better understand Off-page SEO, let us look at what it means.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO deals with the actions performed outside your website to improve your ranking on the SERPs.

Off-page SEO factors such as link building, social media, videos, blogging, etc., are significant for the SEO of your website. It allows you to get more clicks, more visitors, and more visibility on social media. It is a chain of events that happens one after the other.

Off-page SEO involves the construction of links from multiple sources. These links are of two types:

Do-Follow Links

A do-follow link is a default link that allows Google robots or spiders to pass the link juice or value to the link or web page it is linked to. They help search engines understand a page’s popularity, impacting its search results ranking on Google and other search engines. Each do-follow link to an external site can be considered a ‘vote’ or a recommendation to this site. The best way to use a link to follow is by adding a relevant keyword as anchor text.

No-Follow Links

A no-follow link is a link that has a rel= “nofollow” attribute in the HTML code. This attribute instructs search engines not to transmit the authority to the destination page. It’s not going to enhance your ranking and transfer any PageRank. No-Follow links have been introduced to attempt to stop web spam. But keep in mind while there is no SEO advantage, a well-placed nofollow link from a relevant website with many visitors can bring you valuable traffic. And SEO is all about getting the most traffic.

Top Off-Page SEO Techniques for 2022

Creating Shareable Content

Shareable content can create a buzz on a product that brings greater brand awareness. Creating unique and shareable content is a smart way to generate more and more natural backlinks to our website or blog. Research frequently and keep your content always fresh and updated.

Influencer Outreach

Brand recognition is one of the important reasons marketers use influencer marketing. Influencers’ high followers have tremendous power to increase brand exposure by reaching many people in one post. Additionally, influencers use social media channels like(Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Twitter) for advertising products or services to their significant number of followers.

Guest Blogging

Here are a few lists of search strings that I use to find guest posting opportunities: Your Keyword “guest post”
Your Keyword “write for us”
Your Keyword “submit blog post”

Social Media Engagement

Social media does not directly affect SEO; being on social media and publishing things related to your company will undoubtedly build a brand image that will attract the public to your site. Plenty of small businesses do business on social media platforms, and they don’t have a website. Having an impressive social media presence is the ultimate driving sales and revenue.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a powerful way to build your online presence and drive traffic to your website. It help Google bots find and understand your content and Speed up the indexing process.

Forum Submission

Forum submission is an online discussion forum where you can post or reply to a comment, ask a question, provide valuable and rightful information, or exchange your views with other forum members about a particular topic, subject, field, etc. Creating backlinks from the highly relevant forum submission sites increases quality referral traffic, leads, DA, and search engine rankings.

Directory Submission

Submitting a Directory is a process that involves asking certain websites to register under different directories based on your industry to provide a link to your website. This technique will help you increase your website’s traffic, DA, PA, trust factor, and organic search ranking.

Article Submission

Article submission is the process of posting your article on a third-party website that aims to generate high-quality backlinks to your website or blog. Dofollow article submitting sites can improve your page traffic and increase the domain authority and page authority value. And article submission is also an integral part of content marketing, where you may promote articles related to your company through reputable article submission sites.

Video Submission

Video submission has become one of the most popular and profitable techniques for promoting your business. People spend their time watching videos compared to reading articles. Video Submission is considered one of the most important off-page optimization activities, which is a great way to promote your products or services in a detailed manner. It helps obtain numerous visitors on the business website and boosts your ranking on the search engine website.

Image Submission

Image submission is an off-page activity in the SEO that means set images related to your content on the website and attracting the public to it. Most people love photos more than reading any text, so you need to upload informative images drawn to users. This becomes popular day by day as it is a proven method of increasing the ranking on the search results.

Infographics Submission

An infographic combines images and words that help you describe a complex message quickly and creatively to the targeted audiences. An informational and helpful infographic can genuinely generate unique traffic to a website.

Document Sharing

Document sharing means submitting a document to another website that accepts document submission to make it public. These documents in the form of pdf, doc, ppt, or any form can be linked back to the primary target page. This links-building activity improves the ranking factors with High PA DA PR sites.

Press Release

The Press release submission refers to writing about new events, products, or services of the company and submitting it to PR sites. Press releases are a way to attract attention and get your company in front of potential clients and audiences.

Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 submission websites allow you to submit articles, videos, blog posts, and images to create backlinks. It provides quality DoFollow backlinks that are prioritized by the search engines.


No matter how strong your On-page is, you may not get a higher ranking in SERPs without proper Off-page SEO. This process takes research, time, and effort, so it’s essential to utilize a team of experts/digital marketing agencies to build these links and help you achieve your goal.


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