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Flowers Having Great Importance in Hindu Rituals

Flowers and religious festivals go hand in hand in India. Yes, if there is any religious occasion or festival is being celebrated, flowers are one of the things that you would not be missing from the occasion. The indulgence of flowers in any Hindu-oriented ritual or festival tells the love for flowers among us and also it is the best way to show our respect to the god and goddesses.

It is not just a human tendency to get fascinated by flowers, even god and goddesses were in complete awe of flowers that is why we still use flowers to woo them. Also, flowers bring positivity and happiness in our lives so that is why we give so much importance to flowers. As we already know that we have been giving and receiving flowers on all important occasions since they enhance happiness on the occasion altogether.

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Send flowers online to someone whom you love through online flower delivery in Gurgaon and has achieved something high in their life. This way, you will be able to convey your greetings and heartfelt wishes to them. Another reason for involving flowers in Pooja and prayers is that flowers are already known to produce positivity and good vibes when their aroma and fragrance add to your worshipping of the lord, it altogether enhances the ambiance.

However, today I will be discussing slime flowers that are particularly used in rituals playing an important role in Hinduism. So, let’s check out which flowers are regarded as a good omen in the Hindu religion.


A widely popular flower that has been playing a major role in Hindu mythology and has been given sheer importance in Hindu poojas or prayers since time immemorial.

The flower is said to be attached to lord Chandraghanta and is known for its powers to remove negativity and induce positivity in life. Also, this beautiful flower is capable of bringing peace and contentment in people through its appearance and aroma at the same time.


This highly aromatic flower is one of the favourite flowers of avid flower lovers. Yes, not just they produce highly irresistible fragrance but also come with an amazing appearance. This flower has been used as a gifting option for years now.

Often given to our loved ones to express our feelings like love, gratitude, respect, admiration or sorry. Order flowers through online flower delivery in Mumbai if you are planning a pooja at your place. The flower is linked with goddess Khusnmnda and is specialised in evoking all the five senses of human beings.

Yellow Rose:

Well, we have been using this yellow rose as a gift for years now since it signifies care and affection towards our beloved ones. However, did you know that this flower is related to Sakandmata?

Yes, that means a yellow rose to holds religious importance in Hindu mythology. Also, it is believed that when yellow roses are offered to the goddess, it enhances and strengthens the bond of love between the parents and children.


Well, this flower has not just been in religious practices but is also used to carry out the decoration of houses on occasions like Diwali, wedding or any other religious festival. Yes, it holds an utmost place in mythological viewpoint. This flower is particularly linked with the goddess Katyani Devi.


Well, this flower may not necessarily be famous among youth these days, but this flower does contain great importance in Hindu mythology. Mostly placed while performing rituals in Hindu prayers.

The fragrance of this flower is too hypnotic and irresistible that you would be literally at peace of your mind. People have been indulging this flower in pooja rooms also so that the room fills up with aroma and fragrance.

So, offering something that is very natural and does not harm any animal or insects is the best offering that could be offered to god and goddesses.

Involve flowers in your prayers and soothe your soul within and brain at the same time. Get these flowers through online flower delivery and never miss a chance to woo the god and seek their blessings.


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