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Plantronics Headsets of 2020: Best Organizer for Your Office

The addition of wireless office headsets into the office equipment allows you to multitask and collaborate better, and it also increases the productivity to a large amount. Headsets allow you to walk around your office while being on important calls. Plantronics headsets for the offices to best organize your work. This technological gadget has ended up being greater than a need.

It is now crucial to have this product in offices and every industry. Some of the most common positions for which headset is required are client services and execs who have to make phone calls throughout the day. One can even use it while driving. All these reasons account for the surge in demand for Bluetooth and wireless headsets.

Plantronics headsets for the offices

The best brand to purchase this item from is Plantronics. This renowned brand has been producing first-class headsets to satisfy business and leisure needs for over 50 years. Plantronics headsets in the USA are innovative, practical, and stylish. They are used by businesses and private workers globally due to state-of-the-art sound quality.

Some of the best headsets for the offices from this brand are listed below.

1- Plantronics Cs530 Over the Ear Wireless Headset

This office headset is a part of the Plantronics CS500 Dect headsets series. The dependability of this product has made it a bestseller for a decade. It has an over the sleek ear design and an efficient noise cancellation microphone. With a weight of just 25 grams, it is one of the lightest wireless DECT headsets.

Plantronics Cs530 Over the Ear Wireless Headset

The CS530 gives a quality performance for the desk phone interaction. It provides hands-free efficiency and a unique structure. The one-touch controls to regulate various functions such as responding and muting calls offer immense flexibility. The installation process is easy, and the plug and talk setup are even easier.

The reliable energy power administration makes it able to use it for many years. It has a 350 feet long cord range, which allows maximum mobility around the office. The talk-time can go up to many hours due to the Smart power management system. Moreover, CS530 allows wide and enhanced collaboration with other headsets.

2- Plantronics ENCORE PRO HW710 Corded Headset

This top-of-the-line corded headset ticks off all the requirements of a high-end office headset. It boasts an extremely slim, sleek, and stylish design. It has a lightweight build of 53 grams and the soft leatherette ear pads along with the Wide, reinforced, and adjustable T-Pad headband provides great comfort.

The comfort and convenience are also increased by a retractable microphone, which can be neatly folded in the headset and can also be used to provide the best position for audio. Excellent positioning can also be provided by the extendable boom.

You can easily be adjusted to any telephone set, mobile, or a VoIP softphone with the integration of Plantronics quick disconnect (QD). The strong built quality is made by Nylon composite materials, which are extremely durable. To top this all off, EncorePro has a two-year warranty as well.

3- Plantronics Savi 8240 Convertible Wireless Headset

This versatile, single-ear headset can be worn in three different ways, and it boasts triple connectivity to be used with a desk phone, softphone and mobile phones from a cordless headset. This three-way connectivity challenges the normal method of calling in the offices because the user can easily interchange between desk phone, laptop, computer, and mobile phone.

Moreover, this adaptable and automatic connectivity directs calls to either source, depending on which is the nearest. This headset is specifically optimized for Unified Communications. The advanced noise cancellation microphone erases the background noise. The user can update their status to “busy” on either PC or mobile phone so that the colleagues can know when you’re accessible.

The energy-efficient power system maximizes the talk time and range. The integration of enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) makes the sounds more natural. Lastly, the Dect voice dedicated technology erases any interference made by the Wi-Fi. Savi 8240 is the ultimate office headset for collaboration, multitasking, and flexibility.

4- Plantronics Savi Binaural 8220 Wireless Headset

This is the enhanced version of the Plantronics Savi 700 series. It offers a long talk duration of 13 hours and 50 hours on standby. The range length is 590 feet long, which is impressive. This headset also offers triple connectivity, which is a win.

The active noise cancellation is made perfectly by the earphones and microphone, which removes the surrounding noise and makes responding to calls easier. The battery life is exceptionally long, which is a necessity in the office environment. Another impressive feature is the Telecoil hearing aid, which enhances the call performance.

Plantronics headsets can empower your work ethics and assist you in reaching your goals. If you wish to elevate work mobility and collaboration efficiency, then you can purchase these headsets from FindHeadsets at affordable prices and a good guarantee.


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