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Promotional Video Production: An Overview

When you’re trying to get your name out there or simply get in front of an audience, the best way to do so is to take advantage of promotional video production. In this productions, you take a quick time frame and it turn it into stellar information that is designed to catch attention and yet share details at the same time.

We’ve put together a quick overview of promotional video production and what it can do for you.

What Exactly is a Promo Video?

A promotional video, or a promo video, is a business-based video that is designed to promote. You can promote products or services or even both. These are typically designed to appeal to customers as well as prospective customers and are usually a tag-line feature that is just enough to draw them in.

Promo videos made right are designed to not be salesy but rather engage and make the attraction personal. While you are promoting, you’re not making a full-blown sales pitch here. Alpha Omega Video is one company that makes promo videos and they have some awesome examples.

Tips for Great Promotional Videos

Now, let’s take a look at a few tips that just might help you when you decide to create a business promotional video.

1.) Choose the Message Wisely

You’re making every effort to appeal to a line of customers and potential customers but you really want to avoid the sales pitch. So how do you do that?

You really want to appeal to your audience. Use real life scenarios, show a great personality, and make your message worth their time. Keep it short and sweet, demonstrate the product or service, and add some sort of call to action.

2.) Include Emotion

Whether you’re making a DIY video or you’ve hired a professional, emotion is key. Did you know that when emotions are triggered in some way, you are more likely to have your video shared, reaching more people?

This doesn’t have to be sadness. It can be any triggering emotion. Humor, joy, and even sadness tend to be some of the top emotions. You pull at the heartstrings or cause a smile and people are drawn to that.

3.) Watch Your Thumbnail

You know that little screen that pops up before you push play? It’s called the thumbnail and choosing your thumbnail makes a difference. Every video will have a default thumbnail but you might want to choose a different thumbnail to really attract viewers to click on the video.

4.) Use B-Roll to Your Advantage

Promotional video creators will know this term but it’s not a common term. A B-roll is basically footage that plays while a speech or voiceover is being made. You might start out with a person speaking to the camera but then the shots will become action shots or other visuals while the person continues to speak.

A B-roll captures the audience but then keeps them engaged while still using the speaking to generate your message. This simply helps get your message across while still holding the interest of the viewer.

5.) Conclusion

Creating promotional videos has become a must for any business. Whether you choose to DIY the project or bring in a professional is completely up to you but it may be time to take this step for your business!

What will your first promo video entail?


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