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Special And Touching Message for Every Relationship

For saying thanks, for showing love, for making surprise reasons are not needed. We born with some relationship, and some we make ourselves. Some are blood relation and some are heart relation.  Both are equally important. But sometimes heart’s relationship is more beautiful, than blood’s relationship. So today I am going to show you some messages. It will help you to thank you for all your beautiful relationships. Either it is by heart or by blood. And we call them in our message “just because” whatever they mean to you. After just because is a way to cover, why you are sending messages. So let’s start to do.

Just Because Message For Every Relationship

Message for Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you so much for being my parents. Thank you so much, for loving most in the world. Thank you for always supporting me. Just because I know you are there for me, I am strong. You both are my strength.

Your naughty (Son or daughter)

Message for children

My Dear lovely (son or daughter),

I and Dad feel blessed to have a child-like you. You are our pride. You always be a good, obedient, and disciplined child. Just because you have made us proud once again. So this small gift for you my son or daughter.

Your (Mom or Dad)

Message for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

My Love (name if you want to write)

You don’t know what you mean to me. You are my strength. You make me feel, what is real love. You make me how the, how lucky I am. Just because today I want to express my feelings. So this beautiful rose bouquet for you. You are really very special to me my sweetheart.

Your ( write your nickname that he or she has given to you or your real name)

Message for Wife

My Dear Lovely Wife,

You make my life beautiful. You change this house into a happy home. You are the reason why I smile. You are my life, my (her name). You are a gift of God for me. Just because you are the queen of my life. So this fresh flower tiara for you my queen.

Your loving husband (write name if you have)

Message for Husband

My Dear Hubby

I love you so much. You are my world. I want to spend every second of me with you. My life is incomplete without you.  You filled my life with happiness.  Today I plan a coffee date for us. Just because we can spend some quality time together. This coffee date is really special to me. Because a surprise is waiting for you, my hubby.

Your Lovely Wife (either you want to add a name, then only add)

Message for Brother or Sister (Siblings)

My Dear Problem (write a name, whatever you call your sibling)

You are the biggest enemy of my life. But you know what, at the same time you are the biggest joy of my life.  I had spent the most beautiful time with you. I can say it was because beautiful, just because you were there. So today once again let’s create our old memories. Today once again I made our favorite cupcakes. So that we can fight over it, once again.

Your sister or brother (name)

Message for Best Friend

Dear (name or nickname)

You are not only my best friend but also you are my brother or sister.  You are so special to me.  You are my partner in crime. Just because I never said, but today I am saying, you are best. You are my favorite animal of friendship zoo. You are the reason why I believe in a stranger. So today, I plan to celebrate our friendship with the help off order online flower delivery in delhi. Come to our place at our time, my friend.

Your partner in crime (name )

You know every small or big relationship is important in our life. Some teach you a lesson, and some attend that lesson with you.  So sometimes, it is required to make them realize their value in our life. You know in it, Bloomsvilla can help. Just because they have amazing, just because of cards, flower bouquet.  So order and make them feel special. Now you have lots of ideas and messages too. Then what are you waiting for, go, and send?


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