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Student’s productivity in Online Learning

No student ever wondered that they would have to stay at home for a chore like learning and studying. Indeed, it came as a heartthrob to many because of several types of losses and complications that covid-19 generated in people’s lives. The concept of online learning was just budding when the covid-19 wave hit and gave it an exponential rise. Unconditionally the employees and business people had to attain huge losses in their businesses, but they were not the only ones. The students attending schools and colleges had to hold an extreme impact on the closure of institutions. Learning is a very socially diverse task and requires the learner to experience the environment which enforces diversified learning. The students had to adopt a learning method that they never knew could have existed for them through the E-Learning Platforms. Online learning took a spike rise during the covid-19 waves and is still continuing to leave its eternal impact on the people.

Were students able to adapt online learning modules easily?

Undeniably, not! The students constantly hoped that the institutions might open super soon, and they could go back to their everyday learning schedules. It is evidently oppugning to adapt to the changes, and it was no less than a challenge for the students to indulge themselves in online learning. Because the everyday practice of crowing around the tables, going to the library together, having lunch together, attending interactive classes etc. took hold, the students found it extremely uninteresting in the beginning as they had to ask every tidbit to the teacher regarding all kinds of doubts and issues, they also had to take online assignment help, as they could not interact with seniors or any other authorities except for the tutors. It undoubtedly affected the learning of the students along with their grades and productivity. This affected the students in not only terms of productivity and learning but also in their personality development.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of productivity when learning online.


Interaction is one of the most significant functions of socialising, and all the students are used to interacting with the people they are surrounded with when at school or college. Unfortunately, the interaction factor among them seemed to change when the learning started to occur online. When in an online setting, many students restrict sharing their views and putting up their points in the classes. The prime reasons for the same are fear of judgement and hesitation to stand forward. In an offline class, the teachers actively motivate and influence the students to interact and speak their points of view. When students interact less, their productivity gets affected automatically as less communication leads to less learning.

Physical activity:

Physical activity is one of the paramount parts of school and college life as the students can actually work very hard on their core and develop better strength. When in an online learning setting, the students get several chances to become a part of physical tasks and activities. But when learning online, the scope of physical activity stands neglected as the students are not motivated enough to pursue any bodily activity. This indirectly impacts their productivity as a physically active student has higher chances of concentrating better in the class rather than an inactive student.


Undoubtedly focus is one factor that helped a lot of students at the time of online learning. Many activities are assigned to the students when at school or university. Some of the prevalent tasks amongst them include homework and assignments. In a school, the students are usually incompetent about assignments, but when in an online setting, they are self-motivated to present the best. Students also can take online assignment help, which they may otherwise hesitate to ask the teachers in an offline class. This directly impacts their productivity as it provokes them to work harder in their everyday learning tasks and generate the best results for themselves.

Time management:

The management of time when at the university often gets disturbed as the students are not able to divide their time equally, and there exist several tasks at the university that keep the students involved in activities. Attending offline classes also involves a lot of time in commuting from one place to another. Online learning helps the students create a systemic schedule and accomplish all the tasks accordingly. If you have attended any online classes, you would know that the classes start at the assured times and end on time, which opens doors to many other activities that you would want to perform in a day. Just in case you are not able to manage your schedule and time read more.

Does online learning impact the learning of the students?

There can be no static conclusion on this point as there are many advantages and disadvantages of online learning. It also encourages the students to do better as much as it restricts opportunities for them. When discussing the productivity factor, there are considerations as when the students had to attend offline classes; they had limited time to accomplish other activities, whereas when learning online, they have ample time and several reliable opportunities. Only if you could not get any productive results from online learning it would be a bad deal, but that is not the case. Hence, it can be concluded that the students had lesser opportunities while learning online, but they could enhance their skills and try their hands on self-development and betterment.


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