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3 Supermom Hacks to Make Shopping With Kids More Enjoyable

Being a mom is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. But sometimes, it can also be quite stressful.

With all the tasks mothers undertake, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed at times. When you’re at this point in life, you probably dread going out with your kids, especially when they are still too young to understand the things happening around them. Despite this, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time at the best shopping mall in Doha (or anywhere else in the world).

If venturing into a mall with your little one still doesn’t sound appealing, don’t stop reading. This article will show you how shopping can benefit your well-being and explore the different ways you can enjoy it with your kids.

Retail Therapy and Motherhood

Based on research conducted by TNS Global, 62 percent of shoppers buy something to improve their mood. On the other hand, 28 percent admitted to purchasing something as a form of celebration. This is what scientists call “retail therapy.”

Over the years, many studies have extracted evidence that retail therapy has real results. Kit Yarrow, a consumer research psychologist who authored “The Why Behind the Buy,” explained that people shop in preparation and anticipation of something happening in the near future.

She also found that shopping for new clothes helps people “dress for success,” citing a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology that showed how students who were told to wear white coats (thinking that they were doctor’s coats) helped improve their concentration and focus.

But more than that, shopping also provides a sense of escape and relaxation and offers a chance for people to get rid of residual sadness from things they cannot control  (more on this later).

As a mom, you may find it difficult to splurge on material things that aren’t directly beneficial for your children. But you should know that retail therapy has been tried and tested as effective in easing some of the pressure building up inside you.

To help you let go of the “mom-guilt” you’re feeling every time you go shopping, here are some benefits that could help:

Shopping helps fight lingering stress and sadness

According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, retail therapy is useful not just in making people happier instantly, but also in combating lingering feelings of sadness and stress.

In the study, researchers found that people who are sad or scared tend to feel like they have no control over what’s happening around them. But because they can control where they shop, they consider shopping a logical coping mechanism.

Shopping offers you a chance to relax

Based on consumer interviews, shopping is widely considered as an opportunity to relax. When it comes to the benefits of retail therapy, the first words that come to mind are “escape,” “rejuvenation,” and “entertainment.”

Even online shopping is considered as a form of mini-mental vacation as it is a relatively mindless activity (unless actual purchases are involved). Besides, the short breaks offered by this kind of exercise help improve people’s decision-making and performance of arduous tasks.

According to Psychology Today, studies on retail therapy have found that the unconscious mind continually works out solutions to problems even as people perform different activities, such as shopping. It basically “resets” one’s focus on the more important task, making it easier to come up with a solution.

3 Hacks for a More Enjoyable Shopping With Kids

After learning how retail therapy works its magic, you might be thinking: “Wouldn’t the therapeutic effect of shopping be ruined when you go out with your kids?”

That may be the case for some people, but there are ways to change the situation to work in your favor. Examples of things that can make a significant difference are these three hacks that make shopping with kids more enjoyable:

a. Plan your shopping trip around their needs

Sleepy kids are grumpy kids. The same is true for hungry toddlers. These are facts that many parents had to learn the hard way (and during actual trips to shopping malls, no less).

Considering this, planning your trip to the mall should be based on what your children need. Remember that while this may be a time for your own relaxation, you won’t be able to achieve your purpose unless your kids are in a good mood, too.

Below are some of the things you can arrange before your time at the mall to ensure that your children can enjoy the trip as well:

  • Schedule your trip around nap time
  • Start your trip by eating at a restaurant or deli
  • Ask your children to create their own shopping lists or assign them tasks (Read on for more on this)

b. Get them involved

Besides hunger and sleepiness, another thing that can cause your kids to get crabby is boredom.

Children tend to get bored quite easily, especially when their parents are preoccupied with something else. Even if they don’t complain about this, they will most likely look around for toys and other treats, which means you’ll either bust your budget or deal with a tantrum.

One way to work around this is to get your children involved in the shopping. This solves the boredom issue and also helps take a load off your shoulders, especially when you’re doing the groceries.

This is where miniature carts available in some malls can come in handy. These are perfect for your little ones to push around while they help you with the shopping.

Of course, this isn’t just meant to keep them occupied. It also stimulates their senses and serves as a satisfying bonding activity with their mom.

c. Make it fun for them, too

While you may be going to the mall for your own kind of fun, bringing your children means you also need to ensure that the trip is fun for the kids. Besides having them help with your shopping, you also need to think of ways to help the little ones have a good time.

Fortunately, shopping malls have a lot of fantastic activities to help children enjoy their time there. Pick one that’s most suited for your child’s age and personality, and you should do just fine.

For Successful Trips to the Mall

Shopping is a worthwhile activity as it helps mommies mothers release some of the stress that they’ve been feeling. This could still be true even when done with your kids if you plan ahead and follow the supermom hacks listed in this article.


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