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Unsightly Skin Tags? Causes and Treatment

You may not even notice, but skin tags are very common. Almost everyone has them somewhere on their body, but most of us are unaware of their presence.  The main reason for this is because they are in less visible places. Having them in more noticeable areas like the face or eyelids can be very annoying. People often want to get rid of them but are not sure how to do it.

Enough is enough, it’s time to rid you of these useless skin indentations. So let’s see what causes these skin polyps and how to get rid of them. Through this article, we will help you know how to deal with their annoying presence.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags also known as skin polyps are small non-cancerous growth or tumor-like structures that form on the skin surface. They are usually small and flattened pinhead-sized bumps mostly 2-5 mm in diameter and one-third to one-half the size of a normal pencil eraser. However, some of these tags of the skin may reach a grape size.

These are completely harmless and do not pose any threat to your health. People only tend to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons.

Where do these Tags Mostly Occur?

Skin tags mostly appear on the eyelids, under the breasts, under the arms, buttock,s and groin folds, and on the neck (if suffering from papilloma colli).

It’s also possible that some people may not notice them. There are two reasons for this, first reason is that they painlessly fall off on their own, and the second one is they appearing at less noticeable places of the body. Another reason can be that they appear in less noticeable areas of the body.

What Causes Cutaneous Tags?

The actual reason for this is still unknown. These are mostly caused because of some cluster of collagen or when you undergo weight loss. They can also be caused by the skin rubbing against itself. As they mostly appear in the folds and skin creases.

Some people do also inherit these tags. Pregnant and obese people may also get more tags after losing body weight.

Skin Tag Removal cost

The actual cost of skin tag removal is unknown as it depends upon many different factors. These factors include the number of these tags, their size, patients location, the expertise of the doctor and type of treatment used.

Patients may visit a clinic or use online chat to know the exact price.

Skin Tag Removal Treatments

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is one of the quickest and easiest methods to get rid of them. An experienced dermatologist usually uses a scalpel to completely remove the smaller ones. This minor surgery is much less invasive than a usual surgical procedure.


This is a special and the least expensive way to get rid of these tags. A special device or a rubber band is used to block the supply of blood to the tag. Without the supply of blood, the cells inside the skin polyps die and it falls off in 8-10 days.


For complete removal the electrolysis procedure can also be used to burn off these tags. This method makes sure the tag won’t grow back.


Cryosurgery involves spraying the surface of these tags with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold liquid with a boiling point of –320°F (–196°C). Spraying the skin polyp immediately freezes it and all the cells inside it die.

This procedure should be done with extreme care as liquid nitrogen can also cause nerve damage.

Laser Removal of Skin Polyps

With advancements in laser tech, it’s not only being used for laser hair removal. Lasers are also very effective against these skin polyps. The procedure only takes seconds to perform and also burns the base of these tags to stop regrowth.

Over-the-counter Products

The OTC products work by freezing the targeted tag. The tag falls off on its own after 7-10 days. However, you should never use these products without any recommendation.

Bottom Line

These tags do not cause any health problems. For most people, these tags are just a nuisance. If they are not appearing in some noticeable area and are not causing any cosmetic concern, it’s best to leave them alone.

If they are not completely removed, then they may regrow. However, their regrowth is not indicative of cancer or any other disease. Just make sure you get properly diagnosed.

Never try to remove these skin polyps on your own as they may contain nerve endings and blood vessels. Removing them without knowing the right procedure may cause serious skin infections.


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