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Use of Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce Industry

Every industry has started using artificial intelligence be it manufacturing or hospitality, and eCommerce has not been legged behind anyway in using its benefits. Many business houses which have started using it much earlier have been already benefitted with increased sales and excellent customer experience.

One of the majorly used applications of artificial intelligence is machine learning. It works intelligently once you provide it access to the data, it can learn automatically and provide the customers with a personalized experience, be it answering their queries or showing what they are looking for on the website. Resultantly, it has helped the industries to generate maximum leads with minimum human efforts.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps eCommerce Industry?

Here, you will understand how artificial intelligence has induced the sale of the eCommerce industry.

AI in Customer-Centric Search

Have you ever felt grateful when you are at the shopping mall and you are able to see whatever you want to purchase at one glance? If yes, you would be surprised to know that the AI can also give you such a personalized experience.

Today, customers expect a personalized and comfortable shopping experience. The best-in-class retailers invest in exceptional customer service as they know their efforts will obviously result in the future.

AI helps the business to concentrate on the buying experience of the customer, these data are collected and worked upon, so the companies can contact the customers with relevant and personalized promotional emails and sales. This will indirectly lead to maximize their profits.

Chatbot – Relevant Replies to the Queries

The chatbots are now created on the concept of the Natural Language Processing System with the help of artificial intelligence. This has laid a positive impact on the eCommerce websites as the chatbots are designed in such a way that the users feel that their queries are being answered by a human being instead of a machine. The replies to the queries are relevant to the questions asked by the users.

Additionally, the best part of using chatbots on the eCommerce websites is that it will be there to communicate with the users regarding any query at any time of day be it on the public holidays or weekends. It works in real-time and provides accurate answers to the users. The introduction of AI-based chatbots has been considered as a boon to the eCommerce companies which do not wish to hire customer service representatives in order to save money and space.

AI Helps in Personalized Recommendation

As the AI helps in tracking the shopping experience of the customers, the data thus collected is used for providing personalized recommendations of the products.

These recommendations are based on recent search activities and past purchases on the website. The customer finds the personalized recommendation quite useful as it reminds of the commodities they were looking to purchase earlier. This not only benefits the customer but also the companies as their sales volume increases with those recommendations.

AI in Preventing Frauds

The eCommerce industry faces a lot of challenges in its growth, and one of such challenges is fraud sales or counterfeit sales. This takes place in multiple forms such as using duplicate names, images, and wrong prices of the product. But, with the help of AI, the business can detect and remove online intellectual property infringements and even take the action against those companies.

Besides this, the AI can also help eCommerce companies to optimize payment processing and detect the fraud. It also assists in taking corrective measures to prevent such types of fraud.

Take Away!

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is increasing day-by-day and thus, it is more in demand due to its ample benefits. It has been also estimated that by 2020, 85% of the user interaction will be handled without any human being. So, the question is will AI be able to replace human beings in the future?


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