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Why Is Electrical Infrared Thermography Inspection Important?

Infrared scanning of the electrical devices and equipment are under the classification finding the probable faults that can cause trouble. It is a part of maintenance which is useful as you can detect if there is any electrical fault before the element completely fails.

With the help of infrared thermography, one can find out whether the electrical element is under any kind of stress due to heat build or not. It may appear that the machine is working all fine with the naked eye but testing the equipment will help you to get a better picture. An infrared camera is used to identify the heat signature. After that, the pictures are put into a report which is easy to follow and then analyses to check whether there is any breakdown or not. This prevents you from having a loss of production during the downtime.

Electrical Infrared Thermography

The unplanned and unexpected breakdowns in electrical equipment can be costly and inconvenient. The infrared electrical thermography is one of the best tools which can be used to recognise the stressed elements in the installation before they cause fire or break down. Using this you get the opportunity to solve the problem before it’s too late. It is always better to have planned maintainable before there occurs a serious problem.

Another result of a stressed and failed electrical equipment is that it can cause a fire. In fact, this is quite common. It is the reason why insurance companies always call for infrared electrical thermography tests and surveys.

Maintenance includes vibration analysis on the equipment, machines, ultrasonic, audio, and infrared thermography inspection on the devices. Thermography is useful in recognising the hot spots in the equipment. This is performed generally using a temperature sensing machine-like thermocouple sensors and similar kinds of thermometers. The limitation of this inspection is that one can use this type of instrument to maintain the equipment with readings on some parts but not on the overall electrical system.

The infrared instrument is used for thermography inspection to create and scan a temperature profile of the targeted spots. Usually, in manufacturing plants, inspections are done on the electrical switchboards, transformers, high voltage distribution equipment motors, controllers, and much more.

Do Small Businesses Need Electrical Thermography Inspection?

Earlier, these services were only for the mining houses and big companies because of the cost. But over the few years, there has been a massive advancement in the technology and thermography scanning devices have become easy to carry. It is a portable and profitable tool which can be used in all types of business.

Switchgear Thermography

Today thermal viewing ports are installed for switchgear which is a great deal of investment. These ports allow the infrared inspections to carry on without even removing the covers of the switchgear. Therefore using this you can avoid arc-flash exposure. One can also choose to install the permanent infrared sensor and also monitors which is a reasonable method for recognising the potential failures in some equipment.

At times the principle outdoor switchgear assemblies are compromised by the defective strip heaters. These increase the temperature in the switchgear slightly and prevents conversation during seasonal or daily temperature changes.

Benefits Of Choosing Thermography Surveys

According to a report it is been found that nearly twenty-five percent of all electrical failures are generally related to the faulty connections. This is the reason why many insurance companies have started providing annual infrared surveys. The technology or infrared inspection has evolved over the years in effective and efficient ways. It prevents failures and also adds the benefit of not requiring an outrage to carry out as it can be done on raw. The following are some more benefits of thermography and infrared technology.

The hot spots like bad contacts and loose connections.

  • Unbalanced loads
  • The underrated cables that get overhead due to the existing demands.
  • Circuit breakers, stressed earth leakage units, electrical elements, and conductors.

Benefits of Infrared electrical thermography surveys

  • It helps in reducing the risk of having an electrical fire.
  • It reduces the risk of any unplanned electron outage.
  • You can identify the problems from before which can save you from future problems.
  • It is used to check whether the system and elements are working properly and are installed in the right way. You would also get to know whether it is damaged or not.
  • Reduces downtime and therefore there will be no effect on the production process.
  • No equipment failure.
  • You get a better safety.
  • Infrared electrical thermography improves insurability.
  • It lessens the liability exposure of the installers and designers.
  • Infrared electrical thermography improves the performance of the system.
  • Checks that the systems and elements carry out properly and can meet the intended designs.
  • Determines if system and elements compliance with the specifications of the project and design.
  • It also reduces the construction schedule delays.
  • It saves money.

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